Statuspage Scope of Use and Definitions

Scope of Use

Your Scope of Use (and related fees) set forth in an Order may be based on designated numbers and types of Status Pages, Performance Metrics, and/or End Users.


The following terms may appear in your Order to define your Scope of Use and related fees.

There are several types of Status Pages:

a. “Public Status Pages” communicate information to your external stakeholders (such as your customers). 

b. “Private Status Pages” communicate information to your designated internal stakeholders (such as your employees, administrators, agents, and contractors).

c. “Access Control Status Pages” are Status Pages that are seen only by stakeholders whom you designate as having access to relevant components within a Status Page.

End User” means an individual external or internal stakeholder who views a Status Page.  There are several types of End Users:

i. A “Subscriber” is an End User of your Public Status Page who subscribes to receive Notifications for such Public Status Page.

ii. An “Internal User” is an End User whom you designate to view a Private Status Page.

iii. A “Page Access User” is an End User whom you designate as having password-protected access to an Access Control Status Page.  A group of Page Access Users that you designate to have access to a particular Access Control Status Page is a “Page Access Group.”

iv. A “Team Member” is an employee, agent, or contractor of your organization whom you designate to administer or manage one or more Status Pages.

Notification” means an email, SMS, or webhook status notification describing the current Performance Metrics displayed on a Status Page. Notifications may be sent to End Users of any type of Status Page.

Performance Metric” means a performance metric that is displayed to End Users on a Status Page.