Atlassian Careers Privacy Notice

Effective starting: February 19, 2021

1. What this notice covers

Thank you for your interest in joining our Team! As your privacy is important to us, we strive to be transparent about what Atlassian will, or will not, do with Talent Data (as defined below) and explain the purposes for processing it. This Careers Privacy Notice (“Notice”) is intended to provide you with information on how we collect, manage, use, process, and share information collected from you when considering you for career opportunities with Atlassian (including its corporate affiliates), such as when you apply for a position with us or when you express interest in future Atlassian opportunities by joining our Talent Community. We collect and process this data, which can include Personal Data (i.e. information relating to you), in compliance with applicable law. For simplicity, we’ll refer to this data as “Talent Data.”

For individuals who are not being considered for roles as Atlassian employees (e.g., certain contingent workers), Atlassian limits processing of Talent Data as we primarily work with the third party through which you are engaged.

This Notice does not cover your use of our products or services. To learn more about Atlassian’s privacy practices regarding your use of Atlassian products and services, please see our Atlassian Privacy Policy.

If you visit us onsite, a separate Visitors and Office Re-entry Privacy Notice will be surfaced to you.

2. Information We Collect

We collect Talent Data about you in connection to career opportunities with us.

Categories of Talent Data we may collect about you include, but are not limited, to:

  • Contact Information. We collect your contact information, such as full name, home address, telephone or mobile number, email address or online identifier, job site information (e.g., LinkedIn) and onsite badge information (if you visit us onsite).
  • Government issued ID number or similar identifier. We collect your identification details, such as citizenship status, residency and work permit status.
  • Employment and Education. We collect information relating to your employment and education, including your cover letter, resume/CV, work experience or other relevant experience, educational background, and achievements. Where relevant for the position, we may receive information from professional licensing and certification bodies, employment research firms, identity verification services, and educational and training institutions.
  • Job Preferences. We collect information related to your job preferences, including career trajectory and interests, and willingness to relocate.
  • References. We may ask for references from your previous employers or academic supervisors.
  • Background Checks. Where permitted or required by law, we conduct background checks once you have accepted a conditional offer from us.
  • Mandatory assessments. We collect information related to any assessment that is mandatory to assess your suitability for the role, such as phone screens, interviews and skills assessments (e.g., coding assessment for a software engineering role).
  • Publicly Available Information. We may collect information you’ve made public, such as your public profile on career networking sites (e.g., LinkedIn).
  • Monitoring of Atlassian Networks and Resources. If you visit us onsite, we may collect information relating to on-premise monitoring for security purposes (e.g., video surveillance). If you access and use Atlassian devices, networks (e.g., corporate wifi), or other resources, we may collect information related to your access and use, such as domain names and IP addresses.
  • Online usage information. We collect your online usage information when you browse our websites (e.g., our Careers Page) or use our Talent Community platform, including cookie information, traffic data or profiles, which may be combined with any of the foregoing categories of Talent Data.
  • Sensitive Talent Data. While we treat all Talent Data with care, some Talent Data is more sensitive in nature so we refer to that as “Sensitive Talent Data.” Sensitive Talent Data may include information about your racial or ethnic origin, demographics (e.g., age, gender), sexual orientation, veteran status, background check results, and health data (e.g., disability status). Atlassian generally collects Sensitive Talent Data directly from you. However, we may also collect Sensitive Talent Data from background check providers (if legally required or permitted).
  • Voluntary Talent Data that you choose to provide us. In connection to a career opportunity with Atlassian, you may choose to participate in a voluntary opt-in survey (e.g., candidate experience feedback survey, diversity monitoring survey) or voluntary assessment (e.g., behavioral assessment). These programs are entirely optional and will be communicated as such. If you do choose to participate, we will collect certain information relating to your participation in the program. The types of information we collect and how we will use and share your information will be made clear to you before you decide whether you want to participate in the program. 


Voluntary Talent Data will be collected directly from you on a voluntary opt-in basis. Voluntary opt-in basis means:

  • It will only be collected if you choose to provide opt-in consent (a separate and specific consent notice will be surfaced to you);
  • You can withdraw your consent at any time (this may not affect processing that has already occurred or Talent Data that has been de-identified); and
  • There will be no adverse consequences on your application for not providing Talent Data or for withdrawing your consent.


For Talent Data (including Sensitive Talent Data) that is required to assess your suitability for a career opportunity, please see Section 9 on how you can withdraw your application or request deletion at any time.

3. Where We Collect Talent Data From

In relation to your job application with us or your participation in our Talent Community, we may collect Talent Data about you from the following sources:

  • Directly from you. We collect Talent Data directly from you, for example when you provide contact details or your resume/CV. You may also choose to voluntarily provide us with Sensitive Talent Data.
  • From referrals. If you are referred, we collect information from the individual who referred you.
  • From recruitment and staffing partners or other jobs websites. We collect information from recruitment and staffing partners or other jobs websites (e.g., LinkedIn) if you apply to us through those sources.
  • From references. We may receive references from your previous employers or academic supervisors.
  • From third party data providers. We may receive information such as your education, work experience, and contact information from third-party data providers who have the rights to provide us with your information. These providers collect your information from publicly available sources, or through third parties they work with.
  • Professional licensing and certification bodies. Where it is relevant for the position, we may receive information from professional licensing and certification bodies, employment research firms, identity verification services, and educational and training institutions.
  • Background check providers. Where permitted or required by law, we receive background check information from background check providers. Background check providers will provide us with Sensitive Talent Data.
  • From publicly available sources. We may receive information from other publicly available sources, such as information that you have chosen to make public online (e.g., your public LinkedIn profile). 
  • Information we collect automatically. When you submit an application online (e.g., through our careers page) or use our Talent Community platform, we collect information sent to us by the device you use, such as your computer IP address, device identifiers and how you arrived at our website. For more information, please see our Cookies and Tracking Notice.

4. How We Use Talent Data

Atlassian strives to be transparent about how Talent Data will be used. When considering you for career opportunities with Atlassian, we use your information for the following purposes:

  • To proactively reach out to you. Where we have identified you as a potential candidate from information we've collected from public sources or third parties, we use Talent Data to suggest opportunities for you (e.g., reaching out to you for a specific opportunity, inviting you to join our Talent Community). If you have previously applied for a role with Atlassian, we may contact you about future career opportunities that may interest you (i.e., by inviting you to join our Talent Community).
  • To review and process your application. Where you apply for a role at Atlassian, we use Talent Data to review and process your application.
  • To assess your suitability. We use Talent Data to assess your skills, qualifications and interests against our career opportunities.
  • To facilitate the recruiting process. We use Talent Data to facilitate the recruiting process, including scheduling interviews and communicating with you.
  • For verification. We use Talent Data to verify the information you or others provide, and to check your references. Where permitted or required by law, we use Talent Data to conduct background checks if you are offered the role.
  • To reimburse you. We use Talent Data to reimburse you for any agreed expenses and travel.
  • To evaluate and improve our processes. We use Talent Data to evaluate our recruitment processes and activities, including assessing interview scheduling times and time to hire.
  • For reporting. We use Talent Data to analyze recruiting metrics for aggregated reporting (e.g., assessing the efficiency of our recruiting processes).
  • For our Talent Community. If you join our Talent Community, we will use Talent Data to share content relevant to your career interests, to invite you to events that are relevant to your career interests, and to share career opportunities.
  • To protect Atlassian’s interests. We use Talent Data to protect our interests, which may include protecting our legal rights and maintaining the security and integrity of our facilities, equipment and electronic platforms.
  • As legally required. We use Talent Data as legally required, such as confirming your eligibility to work in the country in which you applied for a job or to conduct background checks.
  • For other purposes with your consent. If you voluntarily choose to participate in an optional program, we will use Voluntary Talent Data according to any purposes provided to you during the opt-in process.


Legal Bases for Individuals Located in the EEA, UK, or Brazil

If you are based in the European Economic Area (EEA), UK, or Brazil, we collect and process Talent Data only where we have legal bases for doing so under applicable laws. The legal bases depend on the type of Talent Data and the purpose we process it. This means we collect and process Talent Data only where:

  • We need it to administer a contract with you;
  • It satisfies a legitimate interest which is not overridden by your privacy rights (e.g., assessing your suitability, evaluating our recruiting processes, protecting our legal rights and interests);
  • You provide us consent for a specific purpose (e.g., diversity monitoring); or
  • We need to comply with a legal obligation (e.g., conducting legally required background checks).


If you have consented to our use of Talent Data for a specific purpose, you have the right to withdraw your consent, but this may not affect any processing that has already taken place or Talent Data that has been de-identified. Where we are using Talent Data because we have a legitimate interest to do so, you have the right to object to that use.

Atlassian also shares Talent Data within the Atlassian group of companies for the purposes described in this section.

5. How and Why We Share Information Outside of Atlassian

Atlassian will share your Talent Data outside of Atlassian and its group of companies for the purposes defined above, including:

  • To facilitate the recruitment process. We share Talent Data to facilitate the recruitment process, such as with service providers (e.g., applicant tracking system provider, background check providers) and with third parties with your consent (e.g., references you provide us).
  • Service providers on our behalf. We share Talent Data with service providers who perform necessary duties and functions on our behalf (e.g., our applicant tracking system), which means they typically can only use your Talent Data to provide services to Atlassian and cannot use any identifying information for their own independent purposes.
  • External reports. We share aggregated and de-identified Talent Data in our external (i.e. public) reports, such as our Corporate Social Responsibility report.
  • As legally required. We may share Talent Data with a third party (e.g., courts, law enforcement agencies) if we have a good faith belief that it is required or permitted under applicable law, including to meet national security or law enforcement requirements, to protect Atlassian or its affiliates, or to respond to a valid court order, subpoena, discovery request, search warrant, or other law enforcement request.

6. How We Transfer Information We Collect Internationally

In order to operate as a global company, Atlassian transfers and processes Talent Data outside your country of residence to other countries where Atlassian, its subsidiaries, affiliates, and its 3rd party vendors operate. For example, our Talent Acquisition team is distributed throughout the globe and as a result, we may need to transfer your Talent Data to where the relevant Talent Acquisition team is located in order to manage your recruitment process. These countries may have data protection laws that are different from the laws of your country. When Atlassian transfers your Talent Data to another country, it will ensure that the transfer complies with applicable law.

Atlassian has entered into agreements ensuring appropriate and suitable safeguards with its entities and service providers, including entering into the European Commission's Standard Contractual Clauses where appropriate.

7. EU – U.S. Privacy Shield Notice

Atlassian has self-certified to and complies with the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework and Swiss-U.S Privacy Shield Framework. You can view Atlassian’s certification here ( In the circumstance that the EU-US Privacy Shield has been invalidated as a data transfer mechanism, Atlassian remains committed to honoring its obligations regarding data protection under the Privacy Shield framework.

Information collected and purposes: Please refer to Sections 2 and 4.

Third parties: Atlassian is responsible for the processing of Personal Data it receives and subsequently transfers to a third party acting on Atlassian’s behalf (i.e. service providers). Please refer to Section 5 for more information on how Atlassian shares Personal Data with third parties.

  • Atlassian shall enter into contracts to ensure that any 3rd parties to whom Personal Data may be disclosed is aware of and adheres to the EU-U.S. Framework (“Principles”) or is subject to law providing the same level of privacy protection as is required by the Principles and agrees to provide an adequate level of privacy protection. Atlassian shall also, upon notice, take reasonable and appropriate steps to stop and remediate unauthorized processing by 3rd parties and agrees to provide a summary or a representative copy of the relevant privacy provisions of its contracts with agents of the Department of Commerce upon request.
  • The storage by Atlassian of Personal Data on servers and/or on software made available or hosted by third parties shall not be considered disclosures of Personal Data to a third party so long as the third party does not have direct access to the Personal Data stored or hosted. In all events, Atlassian shall ensure by contract that any such third party (a) is aware of the Principles or (b) is subject to laws providing the same level of privacy protection as is required by the Principles or (c) has contractual safeguards in place to protect the Personal Data.
  • Atlassian may be required to disclose Personal Data in response to lawful requests by public authorities, including to meet national security or law enforcement requirements.


Your rights and choices. Please refer to Section 9 for information on how to access, correct, or delete your Personal Data. Please note that there may be limitations where (i) the burden or expense of providing access would be disproportionate to the risks to your privacy (ii) requests are manifestly abusive, based on unreasonable intervals or their number or repetitive or systematic nature, or (iii) the rights of other persons would be violated.

Questions or complaints. If you have questions, please reach out to Atlassian is subject to the authority of the Federal Trade Commission regarding its adherence to the Privacy Shield. In addition, Atlassian has agreed to cooperate with the European Data Protection Authorities for the purpose of handling any unresolved complaints regarding Personal Data concerns. You may engage your local Data Protection and/or Labor Authority concerning adherence to the Privacy Shield Principles and Atlassian shall respond directly to such authorities with regard to investigations and resolution of complaints. Under certain conditions, more fully described on the Privacy Shield website, you may be entitled to invoke binding arbitration when other dispute resolution procedures have been exhausted.

8. How Long We Keep Information We Collect

We will retain Talent Data no longer than necessary to carry out the purposes provided in this Notice (or any other applicable notice), and as required or permitted under applicable law.

If you are offered and accept a role with Atlassian: We will retain your information in order to manage your employment or assignment with us, and we will surface a separate privacy notice that will apply to your relationship with Atlassian.

If your application is not successful (or you withdraw or decline our offer): We will retain your information for the purposes provided in this Notice, such as to keep you in mind for current or future roles, to help us evaluate and improve our recruitment processes, and for record-keeping. If you’d rather we didn’t keep your information on file, please let us know by following the process in Section 9.

9. How to Access and Control Your Information

Access and update your information: Depending on applicable law, you may request a copy of your personal data that we hold, and we will provide it to you in a commonly-used electronic format. If the information about you is incorrect or out of date, you may ask us to update it, but this may not affect your application if we have already filled the position or assessed your candidacy based on the information originally provided.

Request that we stop using or delete your information:  If you would no longer like to be considered for a position, you may withdraw your application at any time. You may also ask us to delete your personal data. However, we will retain certain personal data we are legally required to retain, such as for record-keeping purposes.

To make a request, please contact us at If you feel we have not adequately addressed your privacy concerns, you may have the right to contact a data protection authority where you live, work or feel your rights were infringed.

10. Changes to this Policy

We may change this policy from time to time. The effective date will be identified at the top of this page.

11. Contact Us

Atlassian Pty Ltd, c/o Atlassian, Inc.
350 Bush Street
San Francisco, CA 94104

The Data Controller for your Talent Data depends on the location of the job posting to which you applied (please refer to the chart below). If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to If you are a contingent worker, please contact the 3rd party you are working through (e.g., staffing agency, independent company or consulting firm).

The following entity is your "Data Controller" for purposes of this Notice: 

Location of Job Posting Data Controller
Australia Atlassian PTY Ltd
Canada Atlassian Canada Inc.
France Atlassian France
Germany Atlassian Germany GmbH
India Atlassian India LLP
Japan Atlassian K.K.
New Zealand Atlassian New Zealand
Philippines Atlassian Philippines, Inc.
Poland Atlassian Poland Sp. z o.o.
Sweden Mindville AB
The Netherlands Atlassian B.V.
Turkey Opsgenie Yazilim Anonim Sirketi
United Kingdom Atlassian (UK) Operations Limited
United States Atlassian, Inc.


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