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Do the impossible ideas together

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Impossible alone. Possible together.

Even the greatest ideas were considered impossible once. From Jira and Confluence, to Trello and beyond, Atlassian products help power the teamwork that makes any (im)possibility a reality.

Experience the Impossible

Check out the seemingly impossible things that have come to life through collaboration, and the teams behind the magic.

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Yes, money can grow on trees

A collaboration between Stripe, The Battery in NYC, and nature lovers turns real trees into tappable donation banks that help protect our precious green spaces.

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Yes, you can remember your dreams

We forget 95% of our dreams the second we wake up, until now. A collaboration between dream scientists and AI engineers can now turn fleeting dreams into works of art.

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Yes, you can get that damn song out of your head

A collaboration between musicologists, psychologists, and developers can now rid your brain of that scratching record once and for all (we’re looking at you, Baby Shark).

Meet the collaborators
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Dr. Deirdre Barrett

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Dr. Kelly Jakubowski

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