Security Advisory Publishing Policy

Publication of Security Advisories

When a critical severity security vulnerability in a self-managed Atlassian product is discovered and resolved, Atlassian will inform customers through the following mechanisms:

  • We will post a security advisory on at the same time as releasing a fix for the vulnerability.
  • We will send a copy of all critical security advisories to the 'Alerts' mailing list for the product concerned, excluding Sourcetree.
    Note: To ensure you are on this list, please update your email preferences at
  • If the person who reported the vulnerability wishes to publish an advisory through another agency, such as CERT/CC, we will assist in the production of that advisory and link to it from our Hall of Fame.

If you want to track non-critical severity security vulnerabilities, you need to monitor the issue trackers for the relevant products on For example, for Jira Cloud and for Confluence Server and Data Center. Security vulnerabilities in trackers will use the Public Security Vulnerability issue type. All security vulnerabilities will be listed in the release notes of the release where they have been fixed, similar to other bugs.