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Maximize efficiency by seeing and moving forward the work that matters most.

Includes Board Backlog Roadmap Reports
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Board view of a kanban project in Jira Software
Jira Board

Increase transparency

Quickly check the status of projects and tasks across teams so you can build better, together.

Workflow window

Prevent blockers

Easily visualize tasks and limit work in progress so that tasks flow smoothly through your workflow.


Stay flexible

Use the template as-is, or customize your workflow to best suit your team’s need. Perfect for today, better for tomorrow.

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“Work becomes a lot more visible when it’s all in one place with Jira. It makes collaboration a whole lot easier and facilitates that transparency.”

Jeff Lai

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How to get started with the kanban template

1. Choose your project type Copy link to heading Copied! view +

Choose between two different project types depending on your team’s needs.

Team-managed projects are ideal for autonomous teams who want to get going quickly and control their own projects and work flow. They can be set up and maintained by anyone.

Company-managed projects are the best choice if you want to standardize configuration across multiple Jira projects in your organization. These are set up and maintained by a Jira admin.

2. Organize and prioritize the Kanban board Copy link to heading Copied! view +

The kanban board is a visual representation of all your team's work. Each column on the board represents the steps that work passes through on its way to ‘done’. Make sure you limit work in progress (WIP) so your team can stay focused, quickly identify blockers and make constant progress.

3. Continuously improve with agile reports Copy link to heading Copied! view +

The only thing better than delivering a successful project is to do it better again next time. The kanban template comes with all the reports you need to analyze issues, help with forecasting, and more to better predict future performance. Create a single snapshot of all your critical data points and reports with customizable dashboards.

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