General service management template

Manage all your internal service requests.

Service management queue view Jira Service Management


Deliver great service experiences fast with a service desk. Give your employees a central location to log requests, get the answers they need, and access self-service articles linked to your request forms.

General service management template

Jira Service Management
Ideal for

• All teams

Request types

• Ask a question
• Emailed request
• Submit a request or incident

How to get started with the general service management template

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1. A single portal for service requests

Provide one place for employees to get help. Set up a knowledge base using Confluence to help employees find answers to common questions without having to engage a support agent.

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2. Handle incoming work with ease

Your queues bring requests from email, chat tools, your help center, and other channels into one central location, making it easy for any team to track, triage and assign incoming work.

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3. Demonstrate your value

Dive into customer satisfaction reports to quantify the value your team brings to the organization. Celebrate your team’s work with new reports and dashboards, and use these metrics to improve and optimize your service experiences.

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