Dropbox app for Jira

Work is becoming more and more distributed across multiple teams, multiple time zones, and in multiple geographic locations. Today’s software teams are more collaborative and include more stakeholders from more disciplines than ever before. Many of those stakeholders don’t code, yet they rely heavily on Dropbox to collaborate with others in the organization. As a result, staying in sync can be a challenge. Great ideas can come from anyone, so being open, transparent, and in constant contact is essential to unleashing your team’s true potential. That’s why we’ve partnered with Dropbox to build a brand new Official Dropbox app for Jira.

Rich Dropbox experience inside Jira

This app for Jira Software Cloud simplifies team collaboration, making it easy to access anything and everything stored in Dropbox directly from the relevant Jira ticket. Any member of the team can easily add the latest files, videos, and folders directly to a Jira story right inside of Jira. Attaching, navigating, and collaborating on the right Dropbox files and folders is easy with rich Dropbox navigation and search capabilities built right inside Jira. Attach once, and any team member can retrieve the file whenever they need it.

Single source of truth, at your fingertips

With the Official Dropbox app for Jira, teams can view version history information as well as native preview files without leaving Jira, ensuring that the latest version of their Dropbox content is always accessible. Thanks to a wide variety of other tools that integrate with Dropbox – like Adobe, Microsoft, Docusign and Vimeo – each member of the team can work where they’re most productive, with the tools they prefer.

Any comments made in Dropbox are reflected in Jira, and any item uploaded or edited in Dropbox will automatically appear in the linked folder in the Jira ticket. When updates are made to a shared file, everyone is notified immediately, making real-time collaboration more effective. Teams have a single source of truth throughout the entire software development process, eliminating versioning issues while working at speed.

By integrating the fastest, most reliable file sync platform with the #1 project management software development tool used by agile teams, anyone from the smallest business to the largest enterprise can improve communication and productivity across teams, no matter where or how they work. Whether you’re across the aisle or across the globe, the Official Dropbox app for Jira brings it all together.

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