Scaling innovation with Atlassian Enterprise

As ways of working and technology continue to evolve rapidly, the demands of our enterprise customers are only growing more complex. Learn how Atlassian Enterprise offerings help you meet these needs and demands.

We’ve remained close partners over the years by expanding and refining our enterprise offerings to help you adapt to external changes, such new regulatory standards, shifts in your strategies, and transformations in your business. From support for new security and compliance standards, to ongoing investments in performance and scale, to strengthening our ecosystem, we remain focused on staying ahead of your needs.

Join Maggie Roney, Group Product Marketing Manager, Enterprise Migrations, and Bala Venkatrao, Head of Enterprise Product, to learn how our upcoming investments across our cloud and Data Center products will continue to power your teams.


Bala Venkatrao

Head of Product, Enterprise Cloud, Atlassian

Bala Venkatrao is currently the Head of Product, Enterprise at Atlassian where he and his team are helping bring the power of the Atlassian Cloud and Datacenter platform to enterprise customers worldwide. Prior to Atlassian, he was part of the Founding Team and Chief Product Officer at Unravel Data, a start-up that is pioneering observability for modern data applications. Bala’s prior experiences include working in product mgmt/strategy roles at Elastic, Cloudera and CA Technologies. Bala has a wealth of experience in building and scaling businesses in the enterprise software market.

Maggie Roney

Group Product Marketing Manager, Enterprise Migrations, Atlassian

Maggie leads Atlassian's Enterprise Migrations product marketing teams. Her 4.5 year tenure at Atlassian has been focused on our existing enterprise Server and Data Center customers and helping support these organizations growth and modernization efforts. Outside of work, you'll find Maggie running marathons, checking out new music or hiking with her two dogs.