How to protect your Data Center instance from threats

Threats to your instance can have significant negative impacts. Whether they degrade your application’s performance or take it down completely, these threats can cost your business time and money. Find out how you can keep your instance safe with self-protection capabilities like rate limiting.

Bad actors, whether they are malicious or not, can wreak havoc on an instance. When an incident happens users are left with a poor experience, admins frantically search to identify the root cause, and executives are frustrated from lost revenue and downtime. Organizations need a better way to identify, resolve and prevent incidents from happening.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How self-protection for Data Center works and new features that are available such as rate limiting
  • What the benefits of self-protection are for your organization, admins, and end-users
  • How to set up and optimize self-protection features for your instance


Jacob Shepard

Product Marketing Manager, Enterprise

Jacob is a Product Marketing Manager at Atlassian where he focuses on enterprise marketing for the Data Center product line and is passionate about helping organizations achieve their goals. He’s from the San Francisco Bay Area and loves spending time in the ocean surfing or outside cycling.

Grazyna Kaszkur

Product Manager, Enterprise

Grażyna is the Product Manager for Jira Server and Data Center at Atlassian. For the past two years, she has lead the team responsible for the stability and scalability of Jira Software Data Center. She’s passionate about end-users, how products are actually used, and what value they bring to them.

Lukasz Wlodarczyk

Engineering, Senior Team Lead

Building great teams at Atlassian for 5 years, Lukasz is a Team Lead working on Jira Data Center stability and performance. Based in Poland, he loves a great cycling track and playing board games with his family.

Hanna Sazonava

Designer, Enterprise

Hanna is a Designer at Atlassian working on user experience for Jira Data Center. She focuses on creating meaningful experiences through design for the admins and end-users. She is passionate about simple solutions that bring value, keeping in mind users’ psychology and users' intentions.