Portfolio for Jira 2.0 Webinar

Portfolio for Jira 2.0 has arrived, featuring a new integration model with Jira Software - redesigned from the ground up. By loading data dynamically from Jira Software, it is now easier than ever to align higher-level planning with day-to-day execution.

Portfolio users need to keep their sprints, backlog rankings, epic-story relationships – in other words, everything they do in Jira Software – in sync with their long-term plans in Portfolio for Jira. So the Portfolio team has been working tirelessly to deliver a completely revamped Portfolio 2.0 that's seamlessly integrated with Jira Software.

The new integration means you can can spend less time manually tracking progress and status using disconnected tools (like spreadsheets) and more time planning and executing what matters most.

In this webinar you'll learn how to:

  • Get started in Portfolio within a few minutes by creating a portfolio plan from your existing data in Jira.
  • Do release planning, and try 'what-if' scenarios so you can make effective prioritization and tradeoff decisions.
  • Work fluently between portfolio plans and agile boards to manage a seamless handoff from planning to execution and back.
  • Manage team availabilities and skill sets to avoid bottlenecks and ensure the right people are available when needed.
  • Plan and forecast realistic release dates and optimize your schedule in real time.
  • Set business goals and track progress to make sure you execute on your strategy and keep everyone on the same page.


Martin Suntinger

Principal Product Manager, Portfolio for Jira

As a previous startup founder, I’m passionate about the process of turning ideas into outstanding customer experiences. Most recently, I’ve turned my focus on innovating at scale. Agility, data-driven development and a relentless focus on execution are universal tools that work for any size of organization. Find me on Twitter! @msuntinger


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