What I wish I'd known: Moving Splunk's 10,000 users to cloud

Just because your team has always done things one way doesn't mean they should keep doing it that way. Learn why the team at Splunk challenged the status quo in order to unlock the value of cloud, and what teams can do to prepare for a successful migration.

This session starts from the very beginning: Is moving to cloud even an option if my team has always done things this way? According to the team at Splunk: yes. Preparing for a cloud migration is more than a data transfer -- it’s a shift in thinking that unlocks more efficient ways of working. And while venturing out of your team’s comfort zone can seem overwhelming, the opportunity cost of "this is how we’ve always done it" could be holding your team back.

In this webinar, join Greg Warner, Senior Atlassian Administrator at Splunk, to learn:

  • Why cloud was the better long-term deployment for Splunk’s 10,000 users
  • How to assess your own assumptions and plan for the deployment that’s best for your team
  • How to challenge your own cloud biases in order to evaluate the best path forward
  • The value of SaaS and how cloud can support your business
  • Some key learnings Greg wish he’d known before starting his migration to make it easier



Greg Warner

Senior Atlassian Administrator, Splunk

Greg is an eight time Atlassian Summit speaker and veteran of managing Atlassian applications at scale. Greg is championing Splunk's migration to Atlassian Cloud for 10,000 Splunkers.