We're gonna need a bigger boat: Managing Confluence growth with Data Center

Join Michela Baca from Mitchell International as she discusses navigating the journey from Confluence Server to Data Center.

When Mitchell International needed content collaboration software, they turned to Confluence. Soon enough, interest in Confluence began sprouting up in other areas of the business through word of mouth, with more and more teams adopting Confluence as their single source of truth. But what happens when a single server isn't sufficient for the amount of usage your organization is experiencing?

When all of your team's work is created, organized, and discussed in Confluence, it becomes mission critical and you can't afford downtime. Mitchell International knew this when they moved to Confluence Data Center - a self-managed solution that gives you high availability, performance at scale, and disaster recovery for uninterrupted access to Confluence for all your teams. 

Join this webinar to learn how you can drive internal adoption of Confluence across many teams, learn how to deal with (and prepare for) rapid growth of users, and see how to become a champion for Confluence. There will be live Q&A after the presentation, so please come with questions.


Michela Baca

Product Manager, Mitchell International

Michela is the Product Manager for Enterprise Platform Services.  She has been in the technology industry for over 20 years wearing various hats in program/project/product management, quality assurance, customer service, training and business analysis. She has a knack for inspiring her teams to work towards a common vision to achieve success.