Learn about Jira & Confluence Cloud Premium

Is your team ready to grow even more agile and scale its output? Join this webinar to learn how Jira & Confluence Cloud Premium can accelerate your team’s progress with advanced features and insights.

Scaling organizations face loads of challenges–from complex teamwork to slower decision-making and manual processes. But with these issues come opportunities for innovation and business expansion.

Join our product team as they demonstrate new features to save your team time and level up the entire organization with strategic insights. We’ll also give you an exclusive look at features on our roadmap.

Go deeper on:

  • Seeing the big picture with Advanced roadmaps in Jira
  • Keeping your team focused on high-impact activities with global automation
  • Adding your extended team to Confluence with external collaboration
  • Reporting with analytics and using advanced admin controls for improved security and troubleshooting


Peter Morris

Product Management Team Lead

Pete has been with Atlassian for close to four years in a variety of roles, but always to Jira products. He was part of the team that launched Advanced Roadmaps in Jira Cloud Premium and now helps in managing all of our planning experiences. Born and raised in Sydney, he’d love to say he’s an active, outdoorsy type, but he is instead a sedentary, couch-loving type.

Hilary Dubin

Product Lead, Confluence Cloud Editions

Hilary is a Product Manager on Confluence Premium. She's customer obsessed and is passionate about supporting teams of all shapes and sizes. Outside of Premium, she is a champion of inclusion (specifically in meetings) and bringing more women into tech. She studied Cognitive Science and Consumer Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, and she loves food, skiing, surfing, and playing with other people's dogs.

Josh Frank

Product Marketing Director, Atlassian

Josh is a Product Marketing Director on the Developer Solutions Team at Atlassian. He is passionate about helping software development teams reach their full potential. When not telling the world about the latest and greatest Atlassian products for developers, you can find him cycling through the Bay Area Hills.