Discover the economic impact of using Atlassian Open DevOps

Teams using Atlassian Open DevOps can connect diverse toolsets — even those with tools from third-parties — into unified pipelines and automated workflows. Join us in this webinar with guest Forrester Consulting to review their Total Economic Impact study on the benefits of implementing Atlassian Open DevOps.

Are you working towards your goals of a devops transformation but worried about limiting developer's flexibility with existing tools? Do your teams struggle with scattered information, tool proliferation, or lack of automation, all of which lead to decreased productivity? Open Devops is Atlassian’s solution to address these pain points.

Atlassian and AWS recently commissioned a Total Economic Impact study from Forrester Consulting to understand the value Open DevOps brings to DevOps teams. It found a significant 358% ROI over three years. Customers interviewed reported:

  • Up to 20% increase in developer productivity due to automation of tasks, integrated toolchains, and improved collaboration
  • Up to 10% improved code quality and increased deployment frequencies to biweekly (or faster)
  • Decrease software licensing costs by 30% per employee due to retired redundant tooling
  • And much, much more

Join us with guest Forrester analysts to learn how Open DevOps can help your organization achieve your goals while providing incredible ROI.


Justine Davis, Atlassian Agile & DevOps

VP of Marketing

Justine is Head of Marketing for Atlassian’s Agile and DevOps suite of products. With over 7 years experience working with DevOps teams and tools, Justine is passionate about solving needs for customers. Outside of work Justine is a mom, avid reader, and loves to close the move goal rings in sunny Scottsdale, AZ on her Apple Watch.

Christopher Condo

Principal analyst

Chris has over 30 years of software development experience, including 13 years with Microsoft, working on highly distributed and scaled applications such as Office Live and Office365. With Forrester, Chris covers all aspects of modern application development including CI/CD, DevOps, Value Stream Management, and software development services.

Jeffrey Yozwiak

Consultant, Forrester TEI Consulting

Jeffrey is a consultant with Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) practice. In this role, he works with Forrester’s clients to measure and articulate the business value and financial impact of technology and process investments. Jeffrey’s areas of focus include business analytics, software development, and IT processes and operations.