How real-life Atlassian customers plan ahead with Data Center

Sufficient planning is critical to the success of your Data Center deployment. That’s why we’ve interviewed customers about their migration, so you can learn from their experiences and nail your deployment plan like a pro.

“You gotta clean house first before you just up and move to Data Center,” says Brian Watts, Platform Integration Architect at Uhub. Join this webinar to get game-changing advice from Atlassian customers to help you prepare for Data Center in advance.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Key learnings from customer experiences
  • Common pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • A plan to test your upgrade in advance
  • The critical steps to take before a move to Data Center
  • How to secure the right support, resources, and documentation



Brian Watts

Platform Integration Architect, Uhub

Brian Watts is the Platform Integration Architect for Uhub, responsible for onboarding business units into their Atlassian ecosystem and supporting the underlying Data Center environment’s daily operation. When not working (because he’s automated himself out of a job), he enjoys his two dogs, four cats, travel, cooking, cars, craft beer, and is an amateur voiceover actor.

Craig Castle-Mead

Chief Technical Officer, Uhub

With a broad technical background - from development to infrastructure - combined with a deep working knowledge of business processes, Craig offers a unique view of how technology can be utilized to drive businesses forward. He is focused on wide-ranging cultural change to ensure these benefits are long-lasting. Craig is the CTO of Uhub, WPP's internal entity delivering a fully managed Atlassian ecosystem to their agencies.

Bryan Trummer

Application Administrator

Bryan Trummer is the Application Administrator for the Atlassian toolset at a high-growth healthcare technology company, responsible for the day to day operations of Jira Data Center. When not at work or leading his local Atlassian Community Events, he enjoys going to Disney World, playing board games, new technology, and spending time with his family.

Asif Khan

Senior Systems Engineer

Asif Khan is the Senior Systems Engineer at a high-growth healthcare technology company, and is responsible for the design, build and support of many applications, including all of their Atlassian apps. In his spare time, he likes to work on his cars and play chess.