Every day is launch day: How billions of feature flag events helped us roll out a new Jira

Join Taylor Pechacek, Sr. Product Manager for Jira Software Cloud, to learn how feature flagging was an essential part of our agile process as we built and rolled out the new Jira experience. We'll also share best practices for incorporating feature flags into your own product development process.

For years many sophisticated product development teams have been using feature flags to A/B test the impact of new features while deploying (and rolling back) faster with less risk. This practice has also been critical to the Jira Software team's approach to agile software development. Join us to hear how we built the new Jira Software experience and how we're making it easier for all businesses to take this same approach to software development.

During this webinar we'll cover:

  • How feature flags can help teams avoid buggy or bad product releases while moving faster, reducing risk and taking a more experimentation-oriented approach to software development.
  • How feature flags can be helpful in building a feedback loop with customers.  
  • How the Jira Software product development teams use feature flags as a core part of their agile process to ensure they're delivering incremental value to customers and the business.
  • How to better coordinate product releases by giving your extended team more visibility.
  • How you can help your engineering team adopt feature flagging practices without slowing them down.
  • A demo of our feature management integrations along with tips on how to get started.


Taylor Pechacek headshot

Taylor Pechacek

Senior Product Manager

Taylor is a Sr. Product Manager on the Jira Software Cloud team, currently overseeing Jira Software integrations as well as the Jira issue experience. 

Josh Frank headshot

Josh Frank

Principal Product Marketer

Josh is a Principal Product Marketer on the Jira Software Cloud team. He's passionate about helping teams reach their full potential and build better products. When not telling the world about new Jira features, you can find him cycling through the Bay Area hills.