A closer look at Bitbucket Cloud & how to migrate

Join this webinar to learn how Atlassian is investing in Bitbucket Cloud, get tips on how to securely migrate your code to the cloud, plus, a live Q&A with the Bitbucket product team.

If you're a Bitbucket Server or Data Center customer considering migrating to Bitbucket Cloud, this webinar is for you.

Learn how Atlassian is investing in Bitbucket Cloud, and get tips on how to securely migrate your code to the cloud.

We’ll walk you through:

  • How we're leveraging our Cloud Platform for Code and CI/CD
  • Cloud Migrations: Timing, tooling, support, and getting started
  • A closer look into our enterprise product roadmap
  • Live Q&A with the product team

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Chris Clarke

Head of Product, Bitbucket Cloud, Atlassian

Since joining Atlassian in 2014, Chris has been a leader in enterprise software, and migration product management. He currently leads the product management team for Bitbucket Cloud, and is focused on driving the enterprise roadmap. Prior to this, Chris managed Atlassian’s Migrations Platform, designed to make migrating from on-prem to Atlassian Cloud more intuitive, flexible, reliable, and scalable.

When not building software, Chris enjoys spicy foods, sailing, VR gaming, and the baritone ukulele.

Dave Parrish

Sr. Product Manager, Bitbucket Cloud (Migrations lead), Atlassian

Dave manages migrations tooling for Bitbucket Cloud and works with our enterprise customers to advise on migration strategies and implementation. Prior to this, he was a product manager on Atlassian’s newest developer product, Compass.

Ash Moosa

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Bitbucket Cloud, Atlassian

Ash runs marketing for Bitbucket Cloud. He focuses on communicating the benefits of our latest features, our roadmap and how to use Bitbucket within your DevOps workflow. Before joining Atlassian, Ash was at Gap, Schwab and several startups helping them test and optimize their marketing campaigns.