Centralize Identity Management using Crowd Data Center

Join this webinar to learn best practices on how to manage your Atlassian users.

When running multiple applications, you need to be able to easily manage large user bases and ensure the security of the setup. You may be overwhelmed by the vast number of possible solutions to choose from. In this webinar, you will learn recommendations on how to manage your users and ensure SSO capabilities.

Register today to learn more about how Crowd fits into your enterprise identity management strategy and how it plans to continue to support the management of your Atlassian products.


Marcin Kempa

Development Lead, Crowd

Marcin is a development lead on the Crowd team located in the Gdańsk office. For over 10 years, Marcin has been focused on developing mission critical enterprise products – servicing industries ranging from aviation to financial services. He joined Atlassian over 5 years ago as a developer on the Jira team focused on release pipeline. More recently, he joined the Crowd team as the development lead and has loved every minute of it.

Marek Radonchonski

Product Manager, Crowd

Marek is a Product Manager responsible for Crowd. He's been building digital products for web and mobile for the last 13 years, both in enterprise and consumer markets. Delightful customer experience and early customer validation drives him to deliver solutions that people depend on and love to use. He joined Atlassian this year and values its open culture built on truth - empowering everyone to take ownership and release their creativity. He's an advocate of lean experiments and learning quickly from failures.