Guide to Effective Incident Communication

Creating an effective incident communication plan and getting buy-in from your company can be difficult. After years of working to improve our own incident communication strategy, Statuspage has created best practices to guide you through an ideal process.

The difference between an effective and ineffective incident communication plan can be millions of dollars of revenue and thousands of angry customers. You'll hear examples of good and bad responses, as well as learn how to keep your customers happy during an outage.

In this webinar you'll find out how to:

  • Leverage templates to communicate quickly and consistently
  • Have dedicated incident response roles and responsibilities
  • Utilize the Atlassian product suite during an incident
  • Create a world-class incident communication process



Chase Wilson

Product Marketing, Statuspage by Atlassian

Chase leads Product Marketing for Statuspage — the easiest way to communicate real-time uptime status to your users. His love of data and user communication has brought him to Atlassian from the digital technology education industry.