Maximize Developer Experience with Atlassian

Software development has become more complex over the years: running a distributed architecture, ensuring observability, discussing user experience, and keeping a healthy balance between dev speed and code quality isn’t easy. And it’s certainly not as simple as just practicing agile and DevOps.

Join us for a live webinar and Q&A featuring Compass’ Head of Engineering, Preeti Kota and DevOps Advocate, Sven Peters, to:

  • See how great software teams measure and improve their developer experience, coordinate work across teams, and run autonomous but highly aligned teams
  • Create a healthy and joyful engineering culture backed up by data instead of opinions
  • Learn about Atlassian’s journey with developer experience including how to measure DevEx, and how to drive improvements through efforts at both the organization and team levels

This interactive discussion will demonstrate how improved developer experience unlocks productivity and increases developer satisfaction at the same time.


Sven Peters

Developer Advocate, Atlassian

Sven Peters, Developer Advocate at Atlassian, has been studying trends in software development for the last 15 years uncovering the cultural and technical attributes to help development teams work effectively and drive innovation. He has 20 years of experience in writing code, leading teams, and sharing his experience with thousands of developers at uncountable conferences in 25+ countries.

Preeti Kota

Head of Engineering, Compass

Preeti Kota is the Head of Engineering for Atlassian's developer experience platform, Compass. She has spent over 20 years in the engineering craft with experience in building products from scratch, developing large-scale enterprise applications, and leading global engineering teams. She is a firm believer that people are at the center of everything we do and is excited to be building Atlassian’s Developer Experience Platform based on the practices and ways of working at Atlassian Engineering. Outside of work, Preeti is exploring karate with her daughter and enjoys playing board games with her family.