Break down silos between teams to improve collaboration

You don’t need hundreds of tools to collaborate. Even when teams have specific needs and operate autonomously, Atlassian helps builders, storytellers, and creators collaborate through a shared platform with every feature they need to get their jobs done.

The best product teams trust Jira to help deliver incredible products. Now, whatever team you work on, there’s an Atlassian tool for the way you do work. It’s why over 75% of the Fortune 500 use Atlassian Products.

Teams need a project management platform that transforms disparate teams into strong partners. In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • How to avoid silos as your teams and needs scale
  • The different ways teams use Jira and Confluence to get everyone on the same page across timezones, languages, and departments.
  • How Marketers, Designers, Product Managers, and Program Managers use features to get a big picture view of all the work going on


Allison Arcos

Principal Product Marketing Manager, Jira suite

Allison leads Product Marketing for Atlassian’s Jira suite, helping customers discover what Jira product is best for them. With over a decade of experience helping build technology products for SMBs, Allison is passionate about helping customers find the right software product to help them grow.

She is fascinated by the intersection of customer needs, behaviors, and problems that become solutions to make teams more collaborative and effective.

Outside work, Allison is an amateur woodworker and chef. Naturally, she’s made all the cutting boards in her kitchen. You can find her trying new recipes and restaurants in San Francisco or anywhere she travels.