Drive enterprise agility with lean portfolio management

In this webinar, we’ll talk with Susan Scott, VP Product Operations at Nets Group, the EU’s leading payments solutions provider, about her journey as an agile leader and how implementing lean portfolio management (LPM) practices has helped her teams focus their investments on strategic goals.

The pace of change has prompted enterprises to invest in digital and agile transformations, scaling the benefits of agile teams across the enterprise. But few organizations see this investment turn into real business value. To gain the full benefit of an agile transformation, business and technology teams must work together to focus on top priorities and align work to strategy. 

Watch this webinar and learn why enterprises are adopting the principles of lean portfolio management to align agile development with business strategy, with a focus on driving the delivery of value to customers.

In this webinar you will:

  • Hear from an experienced agile leader about how she’s guided organizations from waterfall to agile to SAFe, and then implemented LPM
  • Learn the importance of building an agile culture first before implementing new agile frameworks
  • Learn how a multinational organization breaks work into smaller batches, iterates faster, and releases product more frequently
  • See how Atlassian partner, Eficode, implements Jira Align to help portfolio managers capture strategic goals and link teams across the agile release train (ART)



Susan Scott headshot

Susan Scott

VP Product Operations, Nets Group

Susan discovered Agile in 2007 after a career in project and programme management in the Telecoms sector, and once discovered never looked back.  Instead, she focused on understanding how the changes in engineering ways of working impacted the ways of working across the organisation.  Through incremental changes in portfolio governance processes and the introduction of agile project management, she lead the transition from outputs to outcomes, from projects to products, and from milestones to OKRs.   Susan is currently working in Copenhagen for Nets Group, leading Merchant Services Product Operations and is responsible for Agile & SAFe, Lean Portfolio Management, and Agile Project Management.  Previously to Nets Group, Susan was in London and worked at Barclays Bank, PayPal, Betfair and Vodafone Group.

Shane McGuire headshot

Shane McGuire

Lead for Jira Align Solutions, EMEA

Shane McGuire helps organisations invest in software solutions and professional services that enable them to implement change programs that improve operational efficiency, reduce time to market for new product development, and increase time available for innovation.  Starting in software engineering, Shane has held positions in product development, consulting, solutions architecture, and line management, with the majority of his career in pre-sales consulting. He has direct experience in the sectors of banking, insurance, engineering, software, and retail. In his position as Lead for Jira Align Solutions, EMEA Channel, Shane works alongside Atlassian’s partners to help customers improve their processes through the use of Lean, Kanban, Agile, and Scaled Agile methodologies.

Jacques van den Berg Headshot

Jacques van den Berg

Jira Align Enterprise Agile Consultant

Jacques is passionate about organizational transformation that drives innovative change founded on business agility principles. Jacques has a Master’s of Engineering in Technology and Innovation management and various certifications across the domains of enterprise architecture, project management and Agile methodologies and digital transformation strategy.

Chris Garguilo Headshot

Chris Garguilo

Eficode Director, IT Delivery & Strategy

Chris Garguilo is an experienced business and people leader with more than 20 years in IT management. In that time, he has been responsible for entire business units and key functional areas operating globally across Europe and Asia. His roles involve being head of business operations, business development, application, and product development, service delivery management, business platform management, IT operations, and technology training.