Inside-out and outside-in: Finding the right strategy

There are two common approaches to strategy: inside-out, which starts with your business, and outside-in, which starts with your customers. Which approach is best for your organization? In this webinar, we’ll show you.

 In this joint webinar with Mike Burrows, co-founder of Agendashift, you will learn:

  • The difference between inside-out and outside-in strategy and how to decide which approach to take for your business
  • Ways to put strategy into practice and common mistakes to avoid
  • How to use Jira Align to implement your strategy, position yourself for success, and maximize impact for your customers


Mike Burrows headshot

Mike Burrows

Founder, Agendashift

Kyle Byrd headshot

Kyle Byrd

Senior Product Manager, Jira Align, Atlassian

Jeff Keyes headshot

Jeff Keyes

Head of Product Marketing, Enterprise Agility, Atlassian

Jeff Keyes is head of product marketing, enterprise agility at Atlassian, where he leads a team of enterprise agile solutions marketers and evangelists.

An accomplished executive who has been involved in almost every aspect of the software development lifecycle, including development, architecture, product management, development management, application delivery and consulting, Jeff brings his experience at Microsoft and founding and working at startups to Atlassian. A passionate evangelist of enterprise agility, Jeff has helped many organizations transition from waterfall to continuous delivery methodologies.

Jeff is a founder and board member of the Value Stream Management Consortium, where Atlassian is a new corporate member. Jeff was also a finalist for's 2019 Top Evangelist.