Real-world enterprise agility lessons from Accenture and Atlassian: when good intentions lead to bad outcomes

In a matter of days, Covid-19 accelerated the role of digital transformation in every business by a decade. Most executives had digital transformation as a priority, not the priority. Today, the agility that digital-first companies embrace is the defining difference between thriving and not.

In this webinar we will:

  • Define what an agile enterprise really looks like 
  • Walk through the 5 biggest pitfalls of an agile transformation
  • Share where we see companies are getting it wrong
  • Provide principles to guide your path forward

Until this point, your agile transformation may have been a work in progress, happening in pockets of teams or certain business units. You may have worked towards the long-term goal of organization-wide agility, but it’s been elusive. The time for multi-year transformation initiatives is over: now is time to become a truly agile enterprise. 

An agile transformation can do more harm than good if you’re not careful. Leading a dynamic, collaborative organization across engineering, IT, finance, and more requires technical skill, an understanding of agility as a mindset, and knowledge of how to evolve culture and behavior across a large number of diverse teams. Other companies have already walked this path and have the scars to prove it. With their lessons learned, your transformation will have a greater chance of success.


John Rudd headshot

John Rudd

Managing Director, Global Business Agility Practice Lead, Accenture

John is responsible for leading the Accenture|SolutionsIQ Global Business Agility Practice. The former CEO of SolutionsIQ (a June 2017 Accenture Acquisition), John, and his team, work in an integrated fashion with the breadth of Accenture’s capabilities to shape and execute Agile transformation solutions for their clients.  It is the mission of the Accenture|SolutionsIQ practice area to help organizations become more responsive to the ever-changing marketplace and to develop practices that enable their clients to achieve continuous innovation.

Stas Zvinyatskovsky headshot

Stas Zvinyatskovsky

Managing Director, Software Engineering and Architecture, Accenture

Stas Zvinyatskovsky is a Managing Director at Accenture where he helps companies achieve their dreams with Software Engineering through implementing modern architecture, processes, and operating models. Stas has over 20 years of industry experience. Prior to Accenture, Stas was Distinguished Architect at Yahoo where he architected some of the world’s largest software systems and lead company's DevOps transformation.

Stephen Deasy headshot

Stephen Deasy

Head of Cloud Engineering, Atlassian

Stephen oversees engineering for all cloud products, platform, and operations at Atlassian. He's passionate about building high performing engineering teams all over the world. He has an MBA from Northeastern University, a B.Sc. from Cork Institute of Technology, and holds a number of patents.

RJ Gazarek Headshot

RJ Gazarek

Senior Product Manager, Enterprise Cloud

RJ is responsible for cloud data management of customers in highly regulated and compliance industries. He focuses primarily on Data Residency and Backup & Restore.  RJ brings years of product marketing experience to his role as a product manager within Atlassian. He is deeply passionate about bringing focus to our customers' needs, and ensuring we're building the right things.