Atlassian + Dynatrace

Go beyond visibility and achieve comprehensive AI-driven observability, intelligence and actionability across your DevOps lifecycle for faster remediation(and less manual work).

Atlassian + Dynatrace
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Automate issue creation from Dynatrace problems

Auto-create Jira issues from Dynatrace problems for complete (and automatic) issue context, accelerating remediation and eliminating manual work.

Automate issue creation from Dynatrace problems
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Map errors and incidents to releases

Push deployment events into Dynatrace to map problems to specific releases, providing valuable issue context without any manual searching.

Map errors and incidents to releases

Resolve incidents faster, with more context

Trigger full-context notifications from Dynatrace, giving responders all the information they rely on for lightning-fast MTTR.

Resolve incidents faster, with more context

Why Dynatrace and Atlassian?

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Deliver better software, faster

Integrate Dynatrace across your DevOps pipeline to ensure performance perfect releases at a higher velocity.

Record-breaking Meantime to Resolve

With AI-driven software intelligence, Dynatrace quickly determines root cause and provides full problem context when auto-triggering Jira issue creation and OpsGenie notifications.


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Re-imagining DevOps @ Perform 2021

Enage with the Dynatrace and Atlassian breakout session at Perform 2021.

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How Dynatrace and Atlassian help transform your operations team to work smarter not harder

The team at Atlassian & Dynatrace collaborated to improve incident and problem resolution for enterprise software.

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Automate Service Delivery with Keptn, Atlassian, & Dynatrace (Performance Clinic)

Learn how Atlassian, Dynatrace, and Keptn work together to fully automate the service delivery process, seamlessly connect workflows, and deliver application code-level technical insights.

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