A free Mercurial and Git client for Windows or Mac

SourceTree is a powerful Git and Mercurial desktop client for developers on Mac or Windows.

Say goodbye to the command line and use the full capabilities of Git and Hg through SourceTree's beautifully simple interface.

SourceTree: A Mercurial and Git Client for Windows or Mac

Why SourceTree?

Fully-powered DVCS

SourceTree simplifies how you interact with Git and Hg repositories so you can focus on coding. Manage all your repositories – hosted or local – through SourceTree's simple interface.

SourceTree: DVCS simplified.

Perfect for newbies

Simplify DVCS for your team. SourceTree can bring everyone up to speed with Git and Mercurial. 

  • Commit, push, pull, and merge changes easily with a click of a button.
  • Organize your repos with the intuitive bookmarks window.
  • Visualize how your work changes over time with SourceTree's log view.
SourceTree: DVCS simplified

Powerful for experts

Make advanced Git and Mercurial developers even more productive. Review your outgoing and incoming changesets, cherry-pick between branches, patch handling, rebase, stash, shelve, and much more.

SourceTree: Advanced features for Git or Hg veterans.

Git-flow and Hg-flow out of the box

Use Git-flow and Hg-flow with ease. Keep your repositories cleaner and your development more efficient with SourceTree's intuitive interface to Git and Hg's "branchy" development model. A consistent development process, right out of the box.

SourceTree: Git-flow and Hg-flow.
A shout out to developers of SourceTree - a nice GUI for Git and Hg. Useful even for a command-line fan like me.
You've heard how powerful git is from super users. This app puts all that power in front of you on one screen in a simple yet intuitive interface.
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SourceTree is absolutely brilliant! I've used it for about a month now and it's the best #git client I've ever used.

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