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Last updated March 2020

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Introducing the ITSM Early Access Program

At this year’s Atlassian Remote Summit, we announced an early access program with some exciting new ITSM capabilities including an improved navigation experience, a more integrated incident management solution, and a change management approach for the DevOps era. Sign up for early access or learn more by registering for the “What’s new in Opsgenie, Statuspage, and Jira Service Desk” session at Atlassian Summit.

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This page shows a curated selection of features we’ve released. These updates are for the Cloud version of Jira Service Desk unless explicitly stated otherwise. All forward looking items are subject to change.

All major incident context in one place with Jira Service Desk and Opsgenie

A cloud-only update

We are excited to announce an early access program for the new Jira Service Desk incident management features. If you are interested in providing feedback, please get in touch via this email: jsd-im@atlassian.com

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Coming Soon

More context upfront for incident responders Incident Management

Jira Service Desk and Opsgenie’s newest incident management integration allows your team to manage incidents - minor and major - from reporting the incident to escalating it to the right service team, all the way through to pushing corrective changes.

Our latest features allow Jira Service Desk customers to better access Opsgenie’s powerful alerting and on-call management capabilities for faster and more robust incident response.

Customers who use Jira Service Desk and Opsgenie together are able to more easily handle major incidents, swarm with the right team members, and get services back up and running faster. 

For those new to Opsgenie, read on to find out more!

Here’s a sneak peek of the new features you’ll get access to:

  • A dedicated Incident Management section within Jira Service Desk, allowing agents to see major incidents, including past and ongoing, happening in Opsgenie alongside user reported incidents in Jira Service Desk
Jira Service Desk incidents context flow
  • Link a user reported incident in Jira Service Desk to an ongoing major incident in Opsgenie
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  • Escalate a user reported incident to Opsgenie if it requires more attention so that the right service team can begin swarming on the issue
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  • It’s finally here! Take bulk actions on issues in Jira Service Desk - link, comment, assign, resolve, or delete in bulk. Now agents can act fast during an incident by selecting several incidents, and either bulk comment or bulk link them to a major incident.
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To see what other features are coming soon, email us to get early access at jsd-im@atlassian.com

View incident status on mobile

A cloud-only update

Incidents can come anywhere and any time, which is why we’re also investing in these abilities in the Jira mobile app.

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Coming soon

Keep your stakeholders up to date with incident status updates Cloud

For incidents, especially major ones, time is of the essence. Now when an incident comes into your queue, like on your desktop, you'll be able to link it to an ongoing major incident in Opsgenie plus view the status of all major incidents from within the mobile app.

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Coming soon to iOS and Android mobile apps!

Power your company’s ITSM process through our new Slack integration

A cloud-only update

Critical to providing great service is to give help seekers the information they need within the tools that they’re most comfortable with - which is why we’ve just released a more powerful Slack integration for Jira Service Desk.

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Coming Soon

New Slack integration for Jira Service Desk Coming soon

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Now your team can set up a dedicated #help channel where help seekers and agents can more easily create and manage service requests. Jira Service Desk tickets can be easily created from directly within the Slack channel and comments within Jira Service Desk ticket are automatically displayed in the Slack chat thread. Try out the latest Slack integration with Jira Service Desk to drive better adoption of your service desk.

Note: This feature is currently in beta. Interested customers are invited to sign up for the open early access program.

Improvements to our next-gen project experience

A cloud-only update

The new Jira Service Desk experience (next-gen) aims to make it easier than ever to set up and configure projects. We’ve been working diligently to ship the right features and optimizations that create the best service desk experience possible.

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Coming Soon

Latest next-gen improvements Cloud

Approvals: Having automated approvals in place is critical to keep work flowing. You can now add approvals in your workflows, assign approvers and transition workflows automatically when the request is approved or rejected. Read more here.

Jira Service Desk approving screenshot

Hide fields: Control what fields are shown vs hidden internally, so relevant information is displayed to your agents.

Jira Service Desk hide fields screenshot

A new description field bucket: Add extra, long-form context for your agents by dropping a paragraph field in this bucket. Keep the information you need in front and center.

Jira Service Desk new description screenshot

Improvements coming soon Cloud

Notifications (coming soon): Configure your customer and internal notifications all from one place (under the Project Settings menu). You can even specify which agents should receive notifications. Within this menu, you’ll also find a notifications helper that lets you troubleshoot problems with missing notifications.

Jira Service Desk notifications screenshot

More configuration options (coming soon): Soon you’ll be able to tailor the email address you are sending notifications from.

You can follow next-gen updates through our community collection here.

Access your tickets through the Mac app

A cloud-only update

We know that accessing and working on your tickets wherever you are is crucial. Now you can enjoy the benefits of a native application in macOS, including a cleaner view of work. Stay focused with push notifications, keyboard shortcuts, drag and drop, and more.

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Coming Soon

Jira Service Desk Mac app Cloud

The always-visible sidebar surfaces quick links to projects, commonly used filters, and notifications so you can find your work and dive into it in fewer clicks than ever before.

Jira Service Desk mac app screenshot

New integration: Microsoft Excel

A cloud-only update

For Jira Service Desk customers using Jira and Jira Service Desk, you can now benefit from a new integration with Excel.

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Coming Soon

Build custom reports with Jira data in Excel Reporting

Any Jira customer can push data from Jira into a spreadsheet. This integration can be helpful for teams that want to build custom reports beyond the templated reports available. You can also query Jira information with JQL from right within your spreadsheet.

Jira Service Desk excel integration gif

Learn more here.

Simplify cloud provisioning with the AWS Service Catalog Connector

Request, approve, and provision AWS services straight from Jira Service Desk with the new AWS Service Catalog Connector, available now free of charge in the Atlassian Marketplace.

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Coming Soon

AWS Service Catalog Connector Marketplace

Users can request admin-approved AWS services from Jira Service Desk without having to log in to an AWS account, and IT teams can continue to deliver excellent service by quickly approving these requests.

To get started, visit the Atlassian Marketplace or go to “Add-ons” in your Jira instance to find and install the app. Check out the Cloud version here and the Server/Data Center version here.

Jira Service Desk AWS Service Catalog Connector screenshot

The latest improvements in Jira Service Desk Server and Data Center

Jira Service Desk customers on our Server and Data Center licenses can benefit from a host of recent improvements and bug fixes. With our recent releases, customers can take advantage of queue sorting, email verification, and more.

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Coming Soon

Improvements to queues Server/Data Center

Agents can now easily find and resolve the most important issues by sorting their queues based on columns. This is a personal setting, so agents can sort however they prefer - ascending, oldest, in alphabetical order - without affecting their teammates. Learn more.

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Email verification Server/Data Center

We've added email verification to the customer portal and help center. Now, you can require that customers verify their email addresses, which adds security to your system. Learn more.

Anonymizing users for GDPR Compliance Server/Data Center

Available for all Jira products: We’re giving admins the power to anonymize their users, hiding or deleting any data that can identify them, making it easy to stay compliant with GDPR and the ‘right to be forgotten’.  Learn more.

Jira Service Desk GDPR compliance screenshot

OpenID Connect (available for Data Center): Way back we added SAML support to all of our Data Center products and now we are adding a new authentication option through OpenID Connect integration to enable seamless integration with 3rd party Identity Providers. Learn more

Rate-limiting (available for Data Center): Admins can now control the number of REST API requests automations and scripts can make and how often they can make them. This means increased performance and team productivity. Learn more

OpenID Connect Server/Data Center

Available for Data Center: Way back we added SAML support to all of our Data Center products and now we are adding a new authentication option through OpenID Connect integration to enable seamless integration with 3rd party Identity Providers. Learn more

Rate-limiting Server/Data Center

Available for Data Center: Admins can now control the number of REST API requests automations and scripts can make and how often they can make them. This means increased performance and team productivity. Learn more