Extract knowledge and find answers with internal Q&A.

One place for sharing knowledge

  • Unleash knowledge
  • Crowdsource answers
  • Learn forever

Ask anything

Finding answers to your questions at work can be difficult. Ask questions to pull knowledge from anyone across your entire organization.

Get the best answer

Harness the power of the crowd to find answers you need quickly – the best answers rise to the top through voting.

Knowledge lives forever

Capture knowledge in one place where everyone knows to find it. Questions evolve over time through voting and new answers, so content stays fresh as your company grows.

Showcase expertise you didn't know you had

  • Encourage participation
  • Discover topics
  • Find experts
Share a meeting agenda and capture notes in Confluence

Climb the leaderboard

Encourage sharing knowledge and recognize contributions with points for answers and a place on topic leader boards. Watch out – it gets addictive.

Share a meeting agenda and capture notes in Confluence

Organized and discoverable

Topics keep questions organized and easy to find. Browse and follow topics of interest to learn more, and find the top experts for any given subject.

Find experts on any topic homepage

Discover subject matter experts

Find the top minds within your organization on any subject with a few clicks. Assembling a team of experts or getting a second opinion couldn't be easier.


Find experts on any topic homepage

Work smarter with centralized knowledge

  • Find answers
  • Link knowledge
  • Add context
Find questions, pages and more all in one search.

One search for everything

Questions appear in Confluence search results so you have one place to find the information you need to get work done.

Connect Confluence pages with questions and answers

Don't duplicate your efforts

Link to Confluence pages in your answers to add context and build on information that already exists.

Fill in knowledge gaps with a dynamic FAQ on any Confluence page.

Add dynamic content to Confluence

Include questions on any Confluence page to create a dynamic FAQ. Let the community determine knowledge gaps and fill them in with Q&A.

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