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Jira Software already provides software delivery teams additional value by reporting CircleCI job and deploy status directly in the Jira Software UI.

Coming soon, automatically track changes from CircleCI in Jira Service Management for accelerated software delivery.

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CircleCI launches support for Jira software.

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Learn about the new developments across Atlassian’s cloud products to reimagine change management.

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How do you make sure everyone on your team knows what’s being built, what the status is, and what’s up next?

Now, Jira Software is providing software delivery teams even more value by reporting CircleCI job and deploy status directly in the Jira Software UI.

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Accelerate software delivery while managing risk

Streamline your change management practice with automated change request intake right from CircleCI.

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Make your development workflow more efficient with the CircleCI Bitbucket integration.

The CircleCI Bitbucket integration allows you to connect all of the necessary endpoints to deploy your code automatically. CircleCI automatically creates your build environment using inference logic with the flexibility to customize as needed so you can start testing within minutes.

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