Working agreements template

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Create guidelines that explain how teams should work together

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Working agreements template

Working agreements are a set of guidelines that teams create together. They define what teammates should expect from each other and help teams put their values into action. Connect with your team on a deeper level by using the working agreements template to run the Working Agreements Play. Created by Atlassian Team Playbook coaches, the Working Agreements Play is a team exercise that helps lay the foundation for an open and collaborative working environment.

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Step 1. Add and discuss ideas

Start by @ mentioning participants and share the page with your team before you meet. Once you’re together, kick off the team exercise by asking the group to think about what helps them collaborate effectively. Each participant should add ideas to the page. Then discuss those ideas as a group and transform them into draft working agreements. Review the page as a team to combine similar ideas and move off-topic ideas to the Parking lot section.

Step 2. Vote on working agreements

Once your team has finished drafting working agreements, read each agreement out loud and then vote as a team to commit to the agreement. Quickly vote by adding a thumbs up emoji next to agreements you support. Type : to choose and add emojis to the page. By the end of the exercise, you should get a thumbs up from all participants on all agreements.

Step 2. Vote on working agreements

Step 3. Share final working agreements

After the group has voted, add your final working agreements to the page. Share the page with teammates that couldn’t attend the exercise and encourage them to add comments. You can also add your working agreements to other team pages and workspaces to keep them top of mind.

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