Take charge of software development with this template collection

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Engineering managers do a lot more than plan deployments. In an increasingly competitive market, companies must produce software with the highest quality and lowest cost in the shortest amount of time. Managers not only have to keep track of long-term milestones, but they also need to immediately respond to performance spikes and outages. Use our collection of templates to keep track of software development while working smartly with your team.

Take charge of software development with this template collection

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Project poster template


Project poster

Use this template to define your problem, propose a solution and get ready to execute.

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Step 1. Develop your strategy

Transform your goals into an actionable strategy with the project poster template. As you evaluate and kick off new projects, our template will help you validate assumptions and visualize solutions with product managers on your team. It’s a simple way to estimate your project’s scope and plan for execution as you develop your strategy.

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Product requirements template


Product requirements

Define, track and scope requirements for your product or feature.

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Step 2. Prioritize features

Once your team aligns on a project’s scope and goals, you’re ready to transform your strategy into a concrete plan. Use the product requirements template to define, calibrate, and prioritize requirements. You can work with your team to create Jira issues and assign tasks as you prepare for software development.

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Sprint planning meeting template


Sprint planning meeting

Organize and run your sprint planning meetings with ease.

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Step 3. Build software

Ready, set, go! With your strategy and requirements in place, you can start developing software and achieving project goals. Work with your product manager to efficiently plan each sprint. Our sprint meeting template will help you communicate the previous sprint’s performance and the current sprint’s goals and capacity to your team.

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Incident communication template


Incident communication

Use this template to create a guide for how to respond when things go wrong.

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Step 4. Prepare for launch

You can’t prevent incidents from happening, but you can prepare for them ahead of time. Before you launch a new product, use this template to create an incident communication plan. After setting up incident roles, responsibilities, and communication channels, you’ll be ready to respond to any glitch in a moment’s notice.

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Incident postmortem template


Incident postmortem

Record an incident’s cause and impact to reduce the likelihood of future incidents.

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Step 5. Learn from results

Even the best plans don’t end up with perfect results. After you resolve an incident, work with your engineering team to complete the incident postmortem template. By identifying patterns and causes, you’ll be able to strategically plan software updates to prevent future issues.

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