Navigate Confluence

With Confluence Cloud, you can bring all your information, documents, and projects into one organized hub for teams to easily navigate, search, and discover information, fast. No more sifting through emails and shared folders for that one document you need; everything lives in Confluence.

This guide will teach you how to navigate Confluence Cloud so you can find the information you need to do your best work and maybe even discover new information to inspire your next big idea.

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If you’re a Confluence Data Center or Server user, check out this tutorial on how to create and edit pages in Confluence.

Exploring your Home dashboard

Home makes it easy to explore your recent spaces and pages and stay updated on what’s happening in your organization. To the right of your dashboard, you’ll find site-wide announcements, calendars, and your site’s activity feed.

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The activity feed is a treasure trove of recent and popular content across your site. These are pages and blog posts that other people in your company have liked or commented on. These updates can help you keep tabs on what’s going on across your company and gauge how your company culture is doing.

Pro Tip

The more likes and comments a page gets in a short period of time, the higher it will rank in the popular activity feed.

Create content in Confluence

Learn how to create rich, dynamic content in Confluence.

Confluence best practices

Discover best practices to help you and your team get the most out of Confluence.