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How Yale School of Management meets lofty service expectations in higher education with Atlassian

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Consumer expectations for service have surged in the digital era. These high standards now extend into professional settings too, where customers assume they will get the same quality service from their employer and colleagues as they do outside of work. 

Many businesses and organizations, especially those in traditional sectors like education, are struggling to keep up – not so for the Yale School of Management (SOM), a graduate school serving over a thousand students on campus and around the world. While many established IT professionals would be reluctant to change their ways and find new solutions to meet modern users’ needs, SOM’s CIO Ken Wieler has risen to the challenge.

With Atlassian, average response time has decreased by 66% and time to resolution has decreased by 57 percent.

So SOM’s IT team began exploring ways to achieve higher levels of service, help the school expand its global reach with higher-tech experiences, and build a customer-centric IT culture. After surveying potential options, they discovered Atlassian would meet all of their immediate and future needs. Confluence would serve as their knowledge base, as well as a hub for documentation and collaboration. Jira Service Desk would enable IT and other departments, including Digital Communications and Business Operations, to better track requests and reduce time to resolution. Plus, Jira Software would help DevOps keep track of the increasing number of service requests stemming from SOM’s growing student population and project workload.

Since implementing Atlassian, SOM’s IT team has transformed the customer experience, inside and out. In addition to dramatically improving service to the Yale SOM community (to the tune of a 4.8 out of 5 satisfaction rating) and reducing the client services team’s time to resolution (by 57 percent!), they’ve also increased internal transparency and accountability while positioning SOM as a trailblazer for educational institutions around the world.

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How Yale School of Management meets lofty service expectations in higher education with Atlassian

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