The Atlassian Stack
connects all of
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The Atlassian Stack includes one instance of:

Data Center

JIRA Software Bitbucket Confluence JIRA Service Desk HipChat


JIRA Core FishEye Crucible Bamboo Crowd

Unleash the potential in every team with the Atlassian suite

Standardize on the tools teams want

Many of your teams are already realizing the benefits of using the Atlassian suite; fast track productivity and collaboration across all teams - IT, software, and more. 

Standardize on the tools teams want
An Enterprise DevOps solution

An Enterprise DevOps solution

Foster a culture of collaboration between development and IT operations teams. Atlassian tools speed up releases by automating tasks and defining processes, accelerate time to resolution with faster feedback loops, and helping you prioritize unplanned work.

Scale Atlassian with your business

Data Center is a self-hosted deployment option that provides the deployment flexibility, authentication, control, high availability, and performance you require for the tools your teams use every day. 

Scale Atlassian with your business

Simplified procurement

Reduce procurement complexity with a single line item for all of your Atlassian products, for one simple price. Upgrading and renewing has never been easier

1000 $186,875 $15.57
2000 $264,875 $11.04
3000 $369,725 $10.27
4000 $441,725 $9.20
5000 $513,725 $8.56
6000 $593,225 $8.24
7000 $647,225 $7.71
8000 $701,225 $7.30
9000 $755,225 $6.99
10000 $809,225 $6.74

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