Four reasons enterprises hesitate to move to Data Center and why you shouldn’t wait

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Is Data Center really worth the cost? Does it really offer more value than server? We’re here to help answer some of the top concerns we hear from our customers who need to remain in a self-managed environment.

Moving or upgrading to a new edition or deployment is a big decision, and we know how important it is to weigh your options. Cost, timing, differences in capabilities - these are many of the variables we’ve heard our customers evaluate when deciding whether they should move to Data Center.

Lucky for you, we’ve collected the top concerns we’ve heard from executives, and we’re here to help you further assess whether it is the right time to move to Data Center. Read on to get answers to your top apprehensions or questions.

Hesitation 1

Migrating to Data Center will be time consuming and costly

You can migrate to Data Center in three simple steps

You don’t have to migrate to a clustered architecture

Migrating to Data Center can be as simple as changing your license key.

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Clean up your instance upon arrival

Is your instance in need of some spring cleaning? Once you update your license key, you can immediately start taking advantage of Data Center features like custom fields optimizer, archiving or to declutter your instance and improve performance.

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Unleash your admins with advanced controls

Data Center won’t require a larger admin team. In fact, your admins will get access to advanced features not available in server that will make their lives a whole lot easier. Say goodbye to manual upgrades, user provisioning, or other costly administrative work. Instead, they’ll gain more automation allowing them to focus their time on more strategic projects that further your business goals.

Hesitation 2

Downtime isn’t a problem for my organization

Get ahead of growth challenges

It isn’t just about high availability

Our enterprise customers come in all shapes in sizes. You’re all using our products based on your organization’s unique needs. That’s why Atlassian Data Center was built as an enterprise edition, going beyond high availability to meet other critical needs.. Whether you’re using our products at scale or just need to meet enterprise-level security and compliance requirements, Data Center is built to support the full spectrum of enterprise needs.

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Minimize planned downtime

You might not need high availability, but I bet you’d still love to get rid of the downtime associated with upgrades. Atlassian Data Center offers features like zero downtime upgrades in Jira Software and Jira Service Management, or rolling upgrades in Confluence in Bitbucket to eliminate downtime associated with upgrades. You heard that right - no more weekend upgrades!

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Beyond high availability, a true enterprise edition

Atlassian Data Center isn’t just server in a clustered architecture. In fact, you can actually deploy Data Center in a non-clustered environment and get access to a number of exclusive features like insights and analytics capabilities to measure the health of your organization or enhanced user management features to give you more security.

Hesitation 3

I’m going to need more resources to manage Data Center

Increase the efficiency of your products

Modernized infrastructure isn’t just a benefit of SaaS

The need to have infrastructure stockpiled across the globe to properly support your teams is a myth. Gone are the days with server stacks hidden under your teams' desks.

Gone are the days with server stacks hidden under your teams' desks. The need to have infrastructure stockpiled across the globe to properly support your teams is a thing of the past. Now you can modernize and maintain control by deploying on a IaaS provider or leveraging containerization.

Atlassian Data Center gives you the additional capabilities you need, without additional overhead.

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Cost reductions

There’s no denying the cost savings the cloud or containers can provide. Deploying on AWS or Azure can help you reduce costs related to infrastructure, maintenance, or administrative support and significantly increase your ROI. With containers, you can streamline testing and automate tedious workflows. But don’t worry, infrastructure capabilities aren’t going anywhere, you can transition to the cloud or leverage containers at your own pace.

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Flexibility & scalability

Deploying on the cloud provides a flexible platform that can grow or shrink as needed. This allows you to confidently scale up or down depending on shifts in your business such as pursuing new innovations, exploring new markets, or acquiring new companies.

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Support your distributed teams

Don’t want to deploy on the cloud? No problem. Data Center offers still offers modern features that enable you to run highly performant self-managed global environments without needing to have servers in every location. Accelerate the experience and performance of your geographically distributed teams while decreasing overall infrastructure demands and costs for your organization. 

Hesitation 4

Maintaining security will still cost me the same

Access enhanced security

You don't need to be on your own when it comes to security for your Atlassian applications.

Running a self-managed environment doesn’t mean you are on your own. While cyberattacks are often top of mind for every senior leader, enterprises are also vulnerable to insider threats such as compliance breaches or policy missteps that can be equally as damaging.

To help assist your organization, Data Center provides multiple options for improved security.

Visibility and control
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Latent cloud security benefits

Deploying Data Center on the cloud not only provides your Atlassian applications with the security your IT team needs, but gives you inherent security components that are provided by cloud providers such as AWS or Azure.

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Data Center security benefits

In addition to your organization's security efforts, Data Center is designed with security, compliance, and user management features to help you better safeguard your people, data, and workflows.

Learn why our customers choose Atlassian Data Center to power their organizations.