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Founded in 2013 in Sydney, Australia, BUENO Systems provides data-driven engineering services that optimize operations, maintenance, and sustainability for commercial buildings, shopping centers, hospitals, and other large facilities.

Large buildings typically use software to run their HVAC, fire, access control, and other operations systems. BUENO’s software analyzes data from those systems to detect and address potential maintenance issues. “Think of us as an MRI for your building,” explains Leon Wurfel, company founder and managing director. While BUENO was boosting energy efficiency for customers, it saw room to improve its own processes.

The software team was using Jira already to track bugs and new feature releases, and Bitbucket for code management. "Then we had a light bulb moment with Jira,” says Wurfel. “What if we use Jira to track issues in buildings? It would be equally efficient at finding faults and optimizing building performance."

BUENO integrated its analytics engine with Jira, which automatically generates a ticket and notifies the team when a new fault in a building is detected. For example, if an air conditioning valve is leaking, Jira automatically alerts the team. Then, analytics identifies the root cause, escalates it to the client, and dispatches a technician to fix the problem. From start to finish, the whole process is tracked in Jira.

Jira keeps everyone on the same page during projects and enables BUENO to monitor and report on resolution times. Says Wurfel: “Tracking ROI is a huge part of our service, and with Jira we demonstrate energy impacts, year-on-year efficiency improvement, and minimize costs through early identification and proactive maintenance.”

BUENO provides both analytics software and engineering services to customers in Australia. As the company expands globally, it will involve partners for the engineering capability and provide a back-end platform that includes Jira for account management, and Jira Service Desk for ticketing and support management.

Additionally, the whole company uses Confluence as an internal knowledge base. New hires can easily find information on company processes and culture, and teams have a single place to house documentation, stored code, or meeting minutes. “We use it for every meeting,” says Wurfel. “Confluence just makes everything easier.”

Atlassian drives efficient process and teamwork across BUENO, from software development to fault-detection in buildings. Says Wurfel: “Everywhere in our business we use Jira.”

The result is improved building systems and sustainability for clients. “With Jira, we can redirect 80% of maintenance hours and resources towards avoiding costly service callouts,  improving comfort, and enhancing sustainability.”  

Everywhere in our business we use Jira. We’re Jira born and bred.— Leon Wurfel, founder and managing director, BUENO Systems

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