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Atlassians get 5 days of volunteering leave to make an impact




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Are you a charity or non-profit? Are you looking for innovative solutions to a specific problem or project? If so, then we'd love to hear from you. There are two ways to connect with our volunteers: (1) attend a local charity mixer event in person and "pitch" for some volunteering help; (2) complete an application form with your project details.

Please note: we will be matching opportunities with the available employees'
interests and skill set(s). It won't always work out, and we'll get in touch when it does.

Here are some examples of how we've helped in the past

Streamlining process and workflows.

Creating and updating websites

Educating and mentoring staff

Help with our products

Accounting & Business assistance

I have an idea, but need help fleshing it out

Case Studies

Website redesign

Good360 wanted to launch in Australia in early 2015, but they needed some quick assistance finalising their website for the launch.

Atlassian volunteers provided advanced front-end development skills, applying user experiences principles to finalise and launch their site.

Enabling online info sharing


At AIME, a quickly growing organisation meant it was becoming harder and harder to centralise all their information.

Atlassians helped implement a new, cloud-based Intranet. We helped integrate this intranet with all the systems AIME used, as well as configured it to suit AIME's need. We also trained staff to make sure they knew how to use the system and edit content to keep it current.

Mentoring staff

Reach Out

For Reach Out, we mentored key personnel, like a development manager, in best practices around setting up a team, managing developers and everything else we know about running successful development teams.

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