Jira Service Desk Server 3.6 is here with collaborator comments, SLA improvements, and zero downtime upgrades. Allow collaborators to comment on existing requests via email so they’re resolved faster, stop guesstimating with improved readability of SLAs in the queue, and eliminate downtime (giving you your weekends back!) with zero downtime upgrades in Jira Service Desk Data Center.

Collaborator Comments

Have you ever submitted a service request and forwarded the request email to your manager for approval, only to have her “approved” reply via email not automatically added as a comment on the request? Or are you an agent trying to streamline tasks and reduce the Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR), and wish email replies would automatically add comments on a request? We’ve now made it possible for collaborators to comment on existing requests via email, so requests can be resolved quicker.

We’ve added an option on the Email requests page which allows the admin to decide if they want to allow external people to comment on existing requests via email. When enabled, and if your service desk allows public sign-up, we’ll add the comment. If public sign-up is disabled, we’ll disregard the email. We’ve also made it super easy for agents to add collaborators as a participant on the request – just click the “Share this request” link present on hover within the agent view.

Zero Downtime Upgrades

Data Center offerings eliminate unplanned downtime through active-active clustering and disaster recovery. But what about planned downtime for application upgrades and maintenance? When you have teams working around the clock, planning for downtime that doesn’t interrupt their productivity can be nearly impossible. Which is why many administrators schedule upgrades and maintenance at night or on weekends. With zero downtime upgrades, you can eliminate downtime, and get your weekends back.

During a typical upgrade of Jira Service Desk Data Center, admins take down all nodes at once and bring them back up on the new binary one by one. With zero downtime upgrades, nodes are taken down one at a time, and individually brought back up on the new binary. Once the last node is up, the database is ready to upgrade. The best part? Since there are always nodes running, admins don’t need to take the system offline, and users can continue to work without interruption.

In addition, we’ve exposed more monitoring data around cluster health and status to help deliver a smooth uninterrupted upgrade. Upgrading without downtime means that you can upgrade more often to get the latest security patches, bug fixes, and of course, new features into the hands of your team’s faster.

Serve your enterprise at scale! Jira Service Desk Data Center is a self-managed solution that gives you high availability and disaster recovery, so no request goes unresolved.

SLA Improvements

Have you ever had an SLA longer than a few days and spent way too long trying to convert that SLA from hours into days, weeks or even months? Well convert no more, as we’ve made SLA timers more human readable by allowing you to display the time remaining in working months, weeks, and days. So now you can prioritize your tasks better, and work on the most important things first.

Project Level Administration

In Jira Service Desk Server 3.5, we allowed project administrators to edit their project’s workflows under specific conditions. Now, we’ve added more fine-grained control to the Administer Projects permission with a few more perks for the project administrator. When granted, the extended project administration permission will allow project administrators (for the associated projects) to edit the project’s workflow and edit the project’s screens.

PS: The Extended project administration option is enabled by default. If you’re a Jira administrator, you can disable it by selecting   > Issues > Permission schemes, and then choosing the relevant permission scheme to edit.

Are you ready to eliminate downtime, resolve issues faster and stop guesstimating? Read the Jira Service Desk Server 3.6 release notes, start your free trial of Jira Service Desk Data Center, or jump straight into upgrading by pressing the big green button below. 🙂

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