Every day, we collect feedback from our 15,000 valued customers using Jira Service Desk to give great support. That’s why in the latest Jira Service Desk 3.2 Server release, we’ve focused on shipping improvements to the customer experience and agent productivity. These are two of the core missions of the product. In customer experience, we empower the user with approvals and transitions. In agent productivity, we added knowledge and webhooks.

Many of the top voted features on jira.atlassian.com have also been shipped. We know that these improvements can make a world of difference in saving your team time and improving how much work can be accomplished.

Here are some highlights of what’s new:

  • Approvals: get from “to-do” to “done” faster with one-click approvals.
  • Customer portal transitions: your customers can now resolve, reopen, or escalate requests from the portal.
  • Knowledge base suggestions for agents: agents can see related knowledge base articles and share them directly from tickets.
  • Automation and webhooks: automatically notify a third-party app when something happens in your service desk.
  • Reporting drill-downs and CSV exports: we expanded reporting so you can drill down into data points and export to CSV.

Read on for more details!

1. Approve in one click

Your customer wants a keyboard, new software license, or even expenses reimbursed. With Jira Service Desk’s approval workflow, managers can now simply click approve or deny right from the customer portal – no email chains or extra licenses needed.

Reduce time wasted waiting, tracking down, and managing emails or comments. Approvers are notified with all the requests that need their attention to speed up their team’s process and let them move on to what’s next.

As an admin, setting up approvals is easy. Each issue type has a workflow. To add an approval to the portal, you add an approval step to that workflow. When you add the step, you can define the number of approvals required and specify the approvers. You can also allow customers to pick their own approvers. If you’re interested in learning more, read about setting up approvals in our documentation.


2. Customers can transition their own requests

“Did I resolve your request?” is often a question that agents ask customers. After all, the customer is the one that knows when they’re satisfied with the support they’ve received. This happens so often that we wanted to make it possible with one click. Let’s say an agent shares a knowledge base article with a customer. If the article solves the customer’s problem, the customer can now resolve the request right from the customer portal. In Jira Service Desk 3.2, your customers can resolve, reopen, and escalate issues from the customer portal. Learn how to set up customer transitions.



3. Automatic knowledge suggestions for agents

Documentation is an invaluable collection of your team’s knowledge. It helps reduce training time, and expands subject matter expertise to everyone in the team. When requests come in, agents often search documentation for pre-existing solutions and responses. Not only that, but knowledge articles can help customers solve their own problems.

With the latest update to the Confluence and Jira Service Desk knowledge base integration, your team can give consistent, high-quality support. Related documentation is automatically revealed inside the agent issue view. Your agents can view and share articles directly with customers without having to open another tab. There are many ways to use knowledge management for your ITIL processes.

And, if you aren’t using a knowledge base to streamline your help center, check out why we think it’s a good option.


4. Automate your world with webhooks

Integrate with the tools you use every day. Webhooks let you communicate with third-party applications by sending web notifications every time an event occurs in Jira Service Desk. For example, when you resolve an issue in Jira Service Desk, you can push the status update to Salesforce. You can even trigger SMS alerts when a critical issue comes into the queue. The possibilities are endless – for more ideas, check out these 3 customization ideas we recommend. If you’re ready to get started, read more about how to add webhooks to your automation rules.


5. Deeper reporting insights

Service that’s measured can be improved. We’ve expanded reporting in Jira Service Desk to give you deeper insights into your customer interactions and the impact of your services. Now, you can drill deeper into Jira Service Desk reports by clicking on data points to see more details about what’s going on in your project. If you want to massage your data further, you can export the results to a CSV file. Discover opportunities to improve your services, product, and business.


6. Find things faster with quick links in the sidebar

We streamlined some common tasks by putting them on the project sidebar:

  • The customer channels option lets you quickly see and copy the URL or email address for your customer portal.
  • The raise a request option starts creating a request immediately.
  • The invite team option lets you invite new agents to the project.
  • Project administration is now called project settings. You can find it in the sidebar, making it even easier to update your service desk.


7. Upload your own request icons

Icons are an essential part of the Jira Service Desk customer portal – they help your customers and users visually navigate content. With Jira Service Desk 3.2, you can now upload your own request type icons. You can also drag and drop request type groups to rearrange how they appear in the portal. You can even hide certain request types that you don’t want your customers to see in the portal.


8. Silence notifications and remove participants

If your customers are looking for a little peace and quiet, rejoice. Customers can now turn off notifications about requests from the portal or via email. They’re also able to remove other participants in their requests. Read more about managing service desk notifications.


Your feedback matters

In this latest release, we were also excited to resolve a handful of issues submitted by our users. Here are the requests closed out from Jira.atlassian.com.

Want to dig into the details? Read the official release notes. Or if you’re ready to update, download Jira Service Desk 3.2 today.

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