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Guide to Work Management for Business Leaders in 2024

Executive summary

Work management is an organization-wide system for keeping work across the company organized, on track, and visible at all times so teams are able to collaborate and move company initiatives forward.

Implementing a work management system where tools are well-integrated and connected is crucial to ensure that processes run smoothly across the entire company. No more information siloes, unnecessary dependencies to unblock work, or redundant work between teams that don’t talk to each other; streamlined systems mean increased productivity within teams and innovation across departments through tighter collaboration. 

We’ve taken an evidence-based perspective to determine best practices when it comes to managing work organization-wide, and are sharing what we learned in a step-by-step guide to set your company up for success in 2024. 

Key takeaways

Successful work management is built on tangible practices that promote productivity, collaboration, and smooth operations across any team type

Optimize your distributed workforce by leveraging remote-friendly tools for goal alignment, time-blocking tactics, and asynchronous forms of information sharing to eliminate meetings

Use OKR-tracking tools to measure productivity with outcomes rather than tasks to give a better idea of how effective your team is

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