A Year In Review: Atlassian Open DevOps 2022 Product Updates

Open DevOps announces new features and rituals that unlock team potential to build innovative, customer-loved software. Join this webinar to learn why exclusive toolchains hold your software teams hostage and what you can do to help them do their best work.

Last year, we launched Open DevOps. Since then, we’ve delivered new capabilities that give software teams the freedom to work creatively and the alignment to build collaboratively.

Join this webinar to get a live walk-through of our latest capabilities, where you’ll learn:

  • What’s new in Open DevOps and why it matters
  • Five new rituals – and capabilities – for implementing DevOps best practices, including:
    - Using data to drive sprint success
    - Building a development culture around autonomy and alignment

    - Coordinating releases cross-functionally
    - Building tight feedback loops between Dev and Ops teams
    - Making software development a multi-disciplinary function

  • Tips and resources for bringing these practices into your software team


Tamulyn Takakura

Tamulyn Takakura

Product Marketing Manager

Tamulyn Takakura is a Senior Product Marketing Manager of Open DevOps at Atlassian. Tamulyn joins Atlassian with over a decade of experience in technology marketing, specifically in application security and Dev(Sec)Ops. She’s contributed to and lead go-to-market strategies at Citrix, Codenomicon (now Synopsys), Prevoty (now Imperva), and ForAllSecure.

Wayne Dailey headshot

Wayne Dailey

Product Marketing Manager, Compass

Wayne Dailey is a Product Marketing Manager for Compass. Before joining Atlassian, Wayne was a consultant helping a wide variety of clients and industries, and was previously an engineer and project manager working on robotics and other technology solutions across the US, UK, Singapore, and India. An avid traveler, you’ll find Wayne hiking and exploring the food scene in new destinations and in his own backyard throughout the Bay area.

Dave McCormick headshot

Dave McCormick

Engineering Manager, Open DevOps

Dave McCormick is an Engineering Manager on Atlassian's Open DevOps. Dave started his career working in Visual Effects for feature films. He's been credited on movies such as The Hobbit, Tintin, The Wolverine among others. More recently, Dave worked at Boeing, realising a childhood dream to help build a next generation airplane. Currently, Dave is leading the Toolchain Experience team, helping organizations easily discover, connect, manage, and utilize a tailored best-of-breed toolchain.

Federico Ciner headshot

Federico Ciner

Senior Software Engineer, Open DevOps

Federico (Fed) Ciner is a Senior Software Engineer in the Open DevOps team at Atlassian. Fed joins Atlassian with over five years of experience as a full stack software engineer, specifically developing web applications as well as a few stints in MLOps and data engineering. He has worked across various industries, including healthcare, financial services, consulting, and technology.

Ofir Zeevi headshot

Ofir Zeevi

Product Manager, Open DevOps

Ofir Zeevi is a product manager currently working on Atlassian’s Open DevOps offering. Ofir been with Atlassian for over 3 years and has had experience working across our Agile, DevOps and ITSM offerings. Coming from an engineering background, Ofir has seen development practices across a range of organisational scales and cultures. He brings first hand experience from places like Commonwealth Bank, Google, and start ups.

Andrew Bail headshot

Andrew Bail

Software Engineer, Open DevOps

Andrew Bail is a Frontend Software Engineer on Atlassian's Open DevOps team. Coming from a Lead Engineer role building MYOBs Design System (Feelix), Andrew specialises in accessibility, responsive design, and sweating the details. Currently, Andrew is delivering rich integrations between Jira Software and development tools, providing developers with seamless experiences and useful insights into their workflows.