Jira integrations for high-performing teams

To provide value to your customers faster, software development teams need to make sure every effort counts. Processes need to be more efficient while improving quality and shortening feedback loops.  Integrations into Jira enable you to do just that. They help you unlock capabilities in Jira that will improve your developer experience, help your team be more effective and overall uplevel your ability to use Jira. Join us to learn more.

In this webinar, join the Atlassian product team to learn how you can use integrations to:

  • Improve your software delivery from SCM to CI/CD to feature flags and more
  • Automate development workflows to save time and reduce errors
  • Shift security left with the Security tab
  • Drive continuous improvement with DORA metrics
  • Adopt progressive delivery to reduce risk and accelerate feedback.


Ofir Zeevi

Product Manager, Open DevOps, Atlassian

Ofir Zeevi is a Product Manager working on the Toolchain Experience in Jira. Ofir joins Atlassian with a background in software development, having worked at companies like Google and Commonwealth Bank before his transition to product management at Atlassian. He’s been pivotal to our efforts across Scaled Agile Planning and DevOps Toolchain use cases.

Scott White

Product Marketing Manager, Atlassian

Scott White is a Product Marketing Manager focused on DevOps in Jira. He’s passionate about helping teams improve their ways of working and build better products. When not talking about Jira’s DevOps capabilities, you can find him enjoying the outdoors of North Carolina.