Getting started with automation in Jira

Automation is now available natively in every Jira Cloud instance. This means you can immediately start saving time by automating your tasks and processes in Jira. What you learn in this webinar will save you and your team countless hours every month so you can focus on the important stuff.

In this practical webinar, the team who built Automation for Jira will walk you through best practices in how to create your first automation rules. It will not be death by powerpoint. Rather, we will run through a live demo where we will build some common automation rules and answer any questions.

By the end of the webinar, you will know how to automate but you will also have your own practical automation rules which you can put to use immediately.

  • Automation - how does it work?
  • What should you automate?
  • Live demo (4 common automation rules)
  • Tips & Resources
  • Question and Answers



Andreas Knecht

Software Architect

Andreas is the Co-Creator of Automation for Jira so you won’t find anyone better placed to help you get started with your first automation rules!

With over 10 years of Atlassian experience, deep Jira knowledge and an unmatched automation brain, Andreas will offer best practices and walk you through some of the most common rules so you can start automating your own processes immediately.

When not creating new automation features, you can find Andreas rock climbing (going up), mountain biking (going down) or travelling (going everywhere).

John McKiernan

Product Marketing Manager

John is a Product Marketer on the Jira Cloud team, focusing on automation. He loves hearing from customers after they have created their first automation rule in Jira. In his spare time, John writes children’s books, customised songs and gives sugar to his daughter when his wife isn’t looking.