Trello Enterprise Product Workshop

Join this product workshop with Trello’s Senior Product Manager, Matt Dolan and Product Marketing Manager, Erika Storli to learn how Trello Enterprise can be the perfect work management solution for large scale teams and collaboration.

Have you ever used a product before and thought to yourself “Wow, I wish I could ask whoever built this why X is the way it is?” or “How can I actually use this tool better for myself or for my teams?” Now is your opportunity! In this new webinar, join the Trello team to learn more about the “why” behind our product and some inspirations on how you might consider utilizing the tool across your organization’s workflows.

In this Trello product workshop webinar, you will be able to:

  • Learn why Trello is the trusted collaboration tool by 80% of the Fortune 500 for both end-users and Enterprise admins
  • See examples of how Trello can be utilized across personal work, team collaboration, and various tools while maintaining enterprise-grade security in any sized organization
  • Get a chance to directly ask the Product team questions about anything and everything (including the upcoming roadmap and new features to be excited for in the New Year)

If you haven’t already, check out our Trello page and Trello Admin page on Atlassian Community, where you’ll be able to submit questions ahead of the scheduled webinar that you’d like to see answered! We hope to do our best in answering these questions either live in our webinar Q&A session or directly on Community. We look forward to you joining us and meeting some of our team dedicated to empowering over 2 million teams across the world on Trello.


Matt Dolan headshot

Matt Dolan

Senior Product Manager, Trello Enterprise

Matt has always loved making software that helps humans be effective and happy — as a software engineer and then product manager within design agencies, charities, start-ups, and enterprises; for government departments, organizations, and companies of all sizes. Matt has remained passionate about the intersection of human creativity and technology—from being asked at 8 years old to train his school's teachers to use MS Paint, through to his current role to make Trello work even better for large enterprises. He currently lives and works (remotely) from the English countryside, with his wife, four kids, two enthusiastic dogs, and two lackadaisical guinea pigs.

Erika Storli headshot

Erika Storli

Product Marketing Manager, Trello Enterprise

Erika is part of the Trello Product Marketing team, eager to empower teams to manage their work in the most productive and collaborative ways on Trello Enterprise. Outside of work, you can find her exploring new cities and going on long walks with her adopted dog Benji.

Cynthia Tu head shot

Cynthia Tu

Product Marketing Manager, Trello

Cynthia is part of the Trello Product Marketing team and strives to create content to help teams stay productive, collaborate effectively and get excited about Trello! Outside of work, you can find her trying out all the new restaurants in the city or doing a fun craft activity.