Connect collaboration tools for optimal hybrid work

Over 2 million teams around the world trust Trello for their large-scale collaboration. Trello can be deployed across any department—learn from our Senior Trello Product Manager, Matt Dolan, on how teams can manage their tasks more flexibly and intuitively.

Silos: great for grain, crap for companies. With a small team in the same physical space, collaboration is easy. But with a large organization in a hybrid work world...not so much. See how your teams can use Trello, Confluence, Atlas, chat tools, and other apps for whole-company collaboration, giving people the visibility and connection they need to get work done effectively while protecting time for focus and deep work—and maybe having a little fun in the process!



Matt Dolan headshot

Matt Dolan

Senior Product Manager, Trello Enterprise

Matt has always loved making software that helps humans be effective and happy — as a software engineer and then product manager within design agencies, charities, start-ups, and enterprises; for government departments, organizations, and companies of all sizes. Matt has remained passionate about the intersection of human creativity and technology—from being asked at 8 years old to train his school's teachers to use MS Paint, through to his current role to make Trello work even better for large enterprises. He currently lives and works (remotely) from the English countryside, with his wife, four kids, two enthusiastic dogs, and two lackadaisical guinea pigs.