Lift The Fog - Gain Real-time Visibility & Realize Better ROI with Jira Align

Does your company struggle with inefficient decision-making and misalignment of strategy and work? Data-driven decisions should be at the heart of every team. While our instincts for pattern recognition are powerful, they can also make us skeptical of risky decisions and hesitant to trust one another when it comes to business and organizational change.

During this webinar, we’ll share: 

  • Insights for how to gain real-time visibility into the cost of work
  • Best practices for using Jira and Jira Align together, enabling different teams to achieve seamless coordination across an organization
  • Real success stories from customers just like you
  • Tactics for maximizing business outcomes for enhanced ROI

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain the insights you need to lift the fog in your enterprise. 

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Michiko Quinones

Principal Consultant, Praecipio

Michiko Quinones is Praecipio’s Principal Consultant of Enterprise Agility. She is a seasoned leader and Agilist, with close to twenty years of experience as a consultant and coach across strategic management and principal roles. Her wisdom and leadership have helped organizations across the Fortune 100 realize the power of Agile transformation, ensuring teams have transparency and alignment to deliver on their strategic goals and objectives.

Amanda Babb

Principal Solution Architect for Agile at Scale, Praecipio

Amanda Babb, Principal of Client Delivery, has been working with Atlassian products since 2013. After becoming a SAFe® Program Consultant in 2015, she's worked with Enterprise organizations to facilitate their Agile-at-Scale transformations leveraging the Atlassian products. A self-proclaimed Agile Evangelist, Amanda has worked closely with Atlassian to build Praecipio’s Jira Align practice, blending framework and tooling to accelerate enterprise digital transformation.

Brad Kramer

Sr. Solutions Engineer, Atlassian

Brad specializes in Jira Align and helps customers succeed at Agile transformation to improve existing velocity and quality for greater market competitiveness. Previously, as a Senior Business Technology Architect at CA Technologies, Brad was responsible for designing DevOps, Security, and Agile Management solutions for a variety of customers, collaborating with key decision makers to design solutions that meet business and technical goals. Prior to his twenty years at CA, Brad spent 17 years as an IT Director, Help Desk Manager and Desktop Support Manager at Financial Services, Retail and Marketing companies spanning network and systems management, project management, systems implementation, helpdesk management, desktop support and business assessment consulting. Brad has spoken at conferences on a variety of topics, is ITIL Expert certified, and a SAFe certified SPC. Brad spent two years on HDI's Desktop Advisory Board and has authored several white papers.