Get started for just $10. Perfect for startups and small teams.

We looked back to when we were a team of 10 and set up the Starter Program to deliver the price and features we would've loved then. It's designed so small teams can get all the features of our higher user count offerings, regardless of budget limitations. We offer $10 server licenses or $10/mo Atlassian Cloud subscriptions. Enjoy!

Starter Go

$10 flat. All proceeds go to charity.

Tracking Issues 10 users Buy
Sharing Content 10 users Buy
Group and private chat, file sharing, and integrations 10 users Buy
Being Agile 10 users Buy
Managing IT requests 3 agents Buy
Sharing Calendars 10 users Buy
Rapid Testing 10 users Buy
Browsing and Searching Code 10 committers 5 repos Buy
Reviewing Code 5 users Buy
Managing Git Repositories 10 users Buy
Continuously Building and Testing Code 10 jobs on local agents Buy
Managing Users 50 users Buy


All proceeds are donated to Room to Read

Our Starter Licenses have raised over $3,000,000 for Room To Read.

Room to Read is a charity that helps improve education in the developing world by establishing libraries and schools, publishing local language books, organizing reading programs, and more.

Watch a thank you video from Room to Read's founder.