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There's an add-on for that! With over 2,000 integrations, add-ons, and plugins in the Marketplace, every team now has the ability to tailor the Atlassian experience. 

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For every challenge, we have the add-on.

Serious integrations

Boost productivity and efficiency by integrating with the technology platforms your teams know and love.

Speed through automation

Increase efficiency and remove roadblocks by automating cumbersome tasks that hold your team back. 

Tailored for your team

Create an Atlassian experience that is unique to your brand with customization tools. 

Reach for the sky, extend your cloud

Check out the cloud add-ons available in the Marketplace that provide massive value to your growing team.

Add-ons for every product

Extend the power of JIRA with plugins and integrations that offer analytics, to custom workflows, to visualizations. 

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Make your intranet shine with Confluence plugins including custom theming, leading diagraming tools, and automatic updates. 

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Keep your team up to date with real-time HipChat notifications from the technology tools your team lives and breathes.

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Focus on code, not process with add-ons that speed up deployment and enable seamless development cycles.

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Using the Atlassian Marketplace, we’ve automated cumbersome steps and shaved days off our development cycle. — Dominique DeGuzman, infrastructure engineer at Twilio

Build your own add-ons

Can't find what you're looking for? Interested in developing your own add-ons? Check out our developer site with all the resources to build on top of our platform. 

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Ideas to optimize your planning poker sessions

As your team matures and becomes more experienced, you’d think your estimates and planning poker sessions would improve as well. Seems only natural, right? But that’s not what usually happens. In reality, an agile team’s estimation accuracy actually tends to degrade over time.

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Know thy customer: agile’s essential guide to user story maps

As a product owner at Twitter it was essential that I had all team members and internal stakeholders aligned on what we were building and why. Indeed, this is crucial for every agile team, regardless of company. 

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Living long and prospering with long-lived Git branches

It’s generally considered best practice to keep Git branches short-lived. But that approach won’t work for every team or every situation. I know this because it doesn’t work for my team.

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