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Product breakdown structure template

Plan your product development process efficiently with this free downloadable template from Jira Software.

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What is a product breakdown structure template?

Improve efficiency

A product breakdown structure (PBS) template is a ready-made framework that you can easily customize to the specific needs of your project. A PBS template can help you increase efficiency by focusing on the details of your product development plan and managing sprints.

Better resource allocation

The product breakdown structure template organizes products and their subcomponents in a logical, easy-to-understand hierarchical structure. It starts with the final product and progressively breaks it down into smaller, more manageable components until you reach individual tasks at the bottom. This visual representation allows for efficient planning, resource allocation, and collaboration.

What does the product breakdown structure template include?

Hierarchy of components

This pre-built structure organizes products and their subcomponents in a logical and easy-to-understand format. One of the benefits of a product breakdown structure template is that it provides an organized view of products and their subcomponents. This makes complex projects more manageable and easier to navigate.

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The PBS template helps you create a more realistic timeline and allocate resources effectively by breaking down the project into manageable sections. This detailed schedule allows you to track progress, identify potential roadblocks early on, and adjust your plans as needed.

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Project scope

The PBS template helps you define clear boundaries for your project, improving scope management. This clarity prevents scope creep, ensuring your team focuses on delivering the intended products and avoids wasting resources on non-essential tasks.

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Project boards

The PBS template clearly and visually represents the entire product development process with project boards, facilitating communication and collaboration among team members and stakeholders. This visual representation improves transparency and alignment throughout the project journey.

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How to get started with the product breakdown structure template

Identify products

Define and list all the main products or deliverables your project will generate. This could include physical goods, software features, or services. Consider the entire scope of your project's output.

Break down deliverables

Once you have a list of products, dive deeper into each one. Identify all the subcomponents or tasks required for each product. This level of detail is crucial for effective planning.

Divide into issues

Break down each subcomponent into even smaller units called issues. These are the individual tasks that your team will execute. Aim for issues that an individual or small team can complete within a few days or a week. This level of granularity allows for efficient task assignment, progress tracking, and resource allocation.

Collaborate with the team

Involve all team members throughout the breakdown process. A collaborative approach ensures everyone understands the project's components, individual responsibilities, and how their work contributes to its goals. This shared understanding fosters a sense of ownership and accountability. It also improves efficiency.

Review and refine

Your PBS template is not a static document. It should evolve alongside your project. Regularly review and update the structure to reflect changes in priorities, scope, backlogs, or unforeseen circumstances. Continuous refinement ensures your PBS template remains accurate and relevant throughout development.