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A product strategy template helps product managers define and organize their product strategies and improve their product development skills. The template's organized layout makes it easier to define, plan, and carry out product goals. It is a great way to improve your project management skills and ensure you complete your tasks in a structured and effective way.

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What is a product strategy template?

A product strategy template is a flexible, organized, and useful tool that makes it easier for a product manager to plan, build, and implement their product strategy. 

It works like a product roadmap, providing a clear guide for defining a product’s goals and simplifying the planning and execution phases of project management

A product strategy template typically includes important, interconnected actions. This can involve describing the overall product vision, identifying the target audience, creating a unique value proposition, setting SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound), and making a go-to-market plan.

Benefits of using a product strategy template

Product strategy templates are an important part of how businesses plan and make new products. They are an essential tool for turning vague ideas into real solutions.

There are many wide-ranging benefits to using such a template, including fostering clearer ideas and plans, better decisions, better goal setting, better team alignment, and better resource management.

Enhanced decision-making

A product strategy template is a must-have tool for assessing tradeoffs and making decisions. It breaks down big, tricky tasks into smaller, easier parts. Product managers can then assess each aspect individually to better understand their options and tradeoffs.

You could compare making decisions to steering a ship; the choices you make dictate your direction. However, it can be difficult to make these choices without a solid understanding of the destination. This is where a product strategy plan template helps. It acts like a compass, ensuring your decisions are taking you in the right direction.

Improved goal setting

If product development decision-making is the compass that guides the ship, goals are the lighthouses illuminating the journey and ensuring you’re on track. Product strategy templates help you break down large, ambitious ideas into smaller, achievable milestones. They offer a systematic approach to creating a pathway from the current status towards the desired state.

Better team alignment

A shared understanding is important for successful product and project completion. But often, team members aren’t clear on what they need to do. This can slow down the project and increase costs. A good product strategy template can prevent such problems. 

The template clearly lists who does what and when. This helps everyone understand their roles and know how to work together toward the shared objectives.

Optimized resource management

Using resources effectively has a big impact on a project's success. A product strategy template offers a big-picture view of the project, including the tasks, timelines, and teams responsible for each task. With this overview, you can prioritize essential tasks and allocate resources optimally. Implementing effective resource management strategies helps you progress the project smoothly and achieve success.

Risk mitigation

A product strategy template helps lower risks in product development because you plan everything ahead of time, from defining your product goals to setting the steps to reach them. This means you can spot problems early and solve them before they become bottlenecks or blockers.

Performance tracking

A product strategy template makes it easy to check how your project is progressing with clear goals and milestones. This makes tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and objectives simple and quick. You can also make tradeoffs more easily if priorities or needs change.

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Jira Product Discovery

Jira Product Discovery is a leading purpose-built, impact-driven product management tool that enables product development teams to organize and prioritize ideas in a centralized location. 

It supports the use of data, customer feedback, sales input, support tickets, and more to help product teams prioritize the ideas or features that will drive the most impact. Teams can then share their product strategy using up-to-date, custom road maps that show what’s being built, when, and why.

They can also seamlessly connect these ideas to epics in Jira Software so everyone has context and visibility from discovery all the way through to delivery.


Confluence is a complete collaborative platform that helps product managers build, share, and shape their ideas into a well-structured product strategy. It natively integrates with Jira Product Discovery by embedding always-up-to-date product roadmaps within strategy docs. It also provides a space to inform stakeholders on the details of your product strategy using out-of-the-box strategy templates.

Confluence also supports collaboration and knowledge management by centralizing information, from projects to company policies and beyond.

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How to use a product strategy template

1. Define your product vision Copy link to heading Copied! view +

Making a clear vision for the product is the first step in any product plan. This vision should not only include the results you want but also the broader purpose of your product in the market.

2. Identify your target customer Copy link to heading Copied! view +

Knowing your ideal customer is one of the most important parts of a good product plan. During this time, do in-depth market research to define and learn more about your ideal customer profile.

3. Determine your goals Copy link to heading Copied! view +

Once you've defined your vision and who you want to sell to, write down your product goals. This means setting clear goals and key results that you can measure.

4. Craft your product roadmap Copy link to heading Copied! view +

Now that you have clear goals, it's time to turn them into a product roadmap you can use. The roadmap should visually show the general product strategy, including the different stages and the goals and objectives that go with them in the right order.

5. Review and revise Copy link to heading Copied! view +

Once the plan is ready, evaluate the product strategy in small steps. The product strategy is not set in stone, so you need to adjust as needed to adapt to the changing market, customer wants, or changes in how the company uses resources.

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